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Fellow Gripper Guys & Gals:

There's no doubt about it, Grippers are extremely popular Grip Training tools.

They're affordable, they don't take much room, and they're easy to take with you wherever you go.

But on top of all the good things about grippers, there's also one thing that's BAD about them.

Training with Grippers can be FRUSTRATING AS HELL.

Maybe you know what I am talking about.

Let me ask you some questions...

Have you ever followed a program to the "T" only to finish it and see little if any improvement whatsoever?

Even worse, did you ever follow a program and actually GO BACKWARDS after finishing?

Maybe you even GOT HURT from doing what that program said...

Have you ever gotten so mad at your grippers that you wanted to throw one across the room?

Maybe you've even been frustrated to the point that you wanted to QUIT training with grippers, because you were so sick of struggling...

And if you're like me, maybe you've seen MONTHS or even YEARS without any noticeable improvement.

Maybe one or two of these statements have fit you in the past.

Believe it or not, every single one of them has described me PERFECTLY, at one time or another.

The truth is for about TEN WHOLE YEARS, my gripper strength was COMPLETELY STAGNANT.

And it wasn't until I started using myself as a GUINEA PIG that I FINALLY broke through my own gripper training plateaus.

I began experimenting in my gripper training workouts and it paid off this year.

At the 2014 North American Grip Sport Championship, I closed some of the heaviest grippers I have ever closed in competition.

And now, I want to share the exact methods I have used to bring up my grippers with you, in my new Gripper Training Program, CBT, Cadence Based Training.

How Cadence Based Training Came to Be:
The 2 Critical Mistakes of Gripper Training

My job gives me the opportunity to work with and analyze the exact programs my coaching clients have been using.

And after 4+ years of working with people who are frustrated with their Gripper Training, I keep seeing 2 Major Critical Mistakes OVER AND OVER. They are...

(1) Excessive Volume, & (2) PR Syndrome

Allow me to explain...

Critical Mistake #1: Excessive Volume

The hands can handle a substantial amount of volume when training for Grip Strength, as long as you ramp up right.

For years, High Volume Training has been a popular method for training Grippers.

Unfortunately, High Volume is not always the best idea.

With ANYTHING, there is a point of diminishing returns.

In other words, you can't just keep doing more and more volume.

Sooner or later, your hands will stop responding to volume, and that means your progress will slow down, until eventually it stops.

In short, Volume needs to be controlled, and each repetition you take must have a purpose.

Otherwise, you are wasting your effort. Next...

Critical Mistake #2: PR Syndrome

This condition is marked by someone so hungry to finally set a new PR (Personal Record) in their training, that they try time and time again to close their goal gripper.

The problem here is when you try to close your goal gripper too much, you end up missing most of the time.

when you miss on an all-out attempt, you tend to wear out your hands more quickly, reducing the amount of quality training you can get in.

Now, I love a new P.R. as much as the next lifter, but you can't sacrifice a good workout just to make attempts at your goal gripper.

Even worse, when you get in the habit of missing on grippers all the time, your hand gets trained to STOP SHORT of the point where the handles close.

That's not good!

You need to develop your strength all the way to the point where the gripper handles touch!

And if you are committing BOTH of these two critical errors, taking lots and lots (high volume) of goal gripper attempts (PR Syndrome), it is an even worse combination.

Not only will you train your hands to stop short of a full close, but the super high levels of effort could eventually hurt you.

Luckily, Cadence Based Training takes care of all of that for you. This is how...

Cadence Based Training's
Four Core Concepts

CBT Concept #1: Purposeful Effort

In Cadence Based Training, every single attempt you take has a purpose.

No more hitting a bunch of reps just to meet a quota or a goal rep count.

Now, it's about making sure that every single repetition you complete is actually worth something.

Every single time you set the gripper, you have a purpose.

Every single time you close a gripper, there is a reason behind it.

Now, every single repetition you perform in your workouts will will contribute to the end-goal => Making You Better on Grippers.

CBT Concept #2: Success Based Training

Like we said before, too many misses does nothing but hurt your strength.

This program is built upon successes - full closures of the gripper.

With CBT, you want to feel the handles touch on every single purposeful repetition.

In fact, you won't only be shutting them, you'll be holding them closed for a predetermined time.

That's why it's called "Cadence" Based Training.

With Cadence Based Training, it's not just about making the gripper handles touch for an instant.

Doing that is just "overcoming" the strength of the gripper.

And while being strong enough to "overcome" the gripper is cool and all, you want more than that.

You want to "DOMINATE" the gripper.

You want to "EMBARRASS" the gripper.

And as you work your way through the program I have laid out for you in the Cadence Based Training framework, that's exactly what you'll be doing...

Dominating and Embarrassing grippers that you previously were having trouble closing.

CBT Concept #3: Erasing All Weaknesses

There are three main parts of the Gripper Technique: The Set, The Sweep, and the Finish.

And in each workout, I have added a drill to strengthen all three individual segments.

Let's look at each one separately.

The Set is whatever pre-positioning you do with the off-hand prior to closing the gripper.

Whether you stick with a shallow set before you smash the gripper, or if you go with a deep set and then crush it down, the stronger your set is, the better.

But, if you struggle with the set, then you're wasting valuable energy before you even try closing the handles down.

The Setting Drills I have peppered into the Cadence Based Training Program are going to strengthen your set and you'll feel stronger and more confident every time you put a Gripper in your hand.

The Sweep is the second stage of the Gripper Range of Motion. It starts immediately after the set and continues until the very end.

Most people do not think they have a problem with the Sweep, but actually EVERYONE can improve this.

And I have included drills to strengthen your sweep throughout the course of the Cadence based Training Program.

The Finish is the final portion of the Gripper Range of Motion. It is the last 1/4-inch. The last few millimeters.

It's also the hardest part of closing a Gripper.

But don't worry, I've got you covered. Throughout the Program, I've built in specialty drills that will build your Finishing Strength.

When you start incorporating these, you are going to know EXACTLY what it's like to DOMINATE and EMBARRASS a hand gripper.

CBT Concept #4: Stay Healthy at All Times

It does no good whatsoever to be hurt.

You can't build strength when you're injured.

With this in mind, I included Hand Health exercises and Stretching in each workout.

The Hand Health exercises you are going to learn are going to help you keep your forearms healthy and prevent things like tennis elbow and tondonitis from setting in and ruining your training.

The Stretches will keep your hands and wrists limbered up, ensuring that you continue to progress throughout the entire program.

And each hand Health and Stretching session is going to take you about 5 Minutes, so very little time will be added to your workout at all.

On top of all that, I also plugged in Deloading periods throughout the program.

Deloading is something that most lifters forget to do - planned periods of reduced intensity training that help your body recover from all the intense work you put in, and rebuild for the training to come in the weeks ahead.

Because of all this, you're not only going to be CRUSHING BIGGER GRIPPERS, but your hands are going to feel FRESHER than they ever have before.

Why Cadence Based Gripper Training
Will Work for You:

1. No More Useless Volume and Drawn Out Gripper Workouts.

2. No More Pointless Misses That Make You Go Backwards Instead of Forwards

3. Purposeful Reps Focusing on Strengthening the Full Range of Motion

4. Increasing Strength and Control Resulting in Manhandling Your Grippers

5. One by One, Eliminating Your Prior Weaknesses and Making Them Your Strengths

6. Exciting New Personal Records Done with Hands That Feel Like a Million Bucks

Cadence Based Training is different from all the other Gripper Programs on the market today.

But don't just take my word for it.

Here's what others are saying who have tested out the Core Concepts found in the Cadence Based Training Program.

Client Feedback

"Gripper Numbers Improved Greatly"

"Since training under Jedd, and implementing his methods, my Gripper numbers have improved greatly. I started out able to close a #1 gripper rated at 70lbs, and a year later, I am closing my #2.5 and am just shy of closing my GHP #6, rated at 139lbs."

Luke Wicks, Missouri

"Making Great Progress"

"My rep strength has gone up significantly. These workouts literally take less than ten minutes and so far I'm making great progress on them."

Todd Coenen, Wisconsin

"First Progress I've Seen in a YEAR!"

"I didn't seen an increase in my grippers for a FULL YEAR until I started working more with holds and cadence. I'm on a nice PR streak right now. All my lifts are going up!"

Chris Andrade, Connecticut

As you can see, I'm not the only one who has benefited from the concepts of the Cadence Based Training program.

Grip Trainees of various backgrounds and experience levels have implemented these techniques into their gripper training and watched their numbers go up.

And now, it's your turn.

Pick up Cadence Based Training TODAY.

Look, I know you are reading this page because you are frustrated with the way your gripper training has gone up until now.

I want to help you change that, starting today.

Once you grab this program, you can read through it in an evening's time.

From there, all you have to do is decide WHEN you're going to start.

Just MARK THE DATE when things are going to change with your gripper training.

Decide when you're gonna set out on your journey to closing big grippers.

That is the opportunity that you have right now.

The power is all yours, my friend.

Click the button below and get started.

Cadence Based Training is only available at this price for a limited time, during the introductory period.

Once the introductory period is over, the price will go up, so RIGHT NOW is when you can get CBT for the smallest investment possible.

What's Included in the
Cadence Based Training Package?

Component #1: Main Document

The Cadenced Based Training Main Document is 76 pages. This walks you through the evolution of Cadence Based Training, how it began, how it has changed, and what it has come to be.

The Main Document also includes the full 8-week training grogram, as well as the Exercise Index showing you how to correctly do each drill you will perform throughout the program.

Component #2: Gripper Workout Documentation Sheet

Logging your workouts is very important, because it allows you to look back and see what has worked, what hasn't, and just how far you have come in your training.

I set up a spreadsheet you can print off and use for your workouts based off the exact way I track my workouts in my own training log.

Component #3: Beginner AND Advanced Training Program

I wanted CBT to be a program that both beginners and experienced Gripper Trainees could use.

Beginners, I don't want you to have to fumble through your first few months like I had to. The Beginner Program will get you going in the right direction from the beginning.

For those of you who have been in the game longer, the Advanced Program will get you back on track and headed toward big gripper closes again.

For all of you, the CBT program will make sure you stay strong, healthy, and excited with your gripper training.

For both of you, the program is 8 weeks long.

I've already gone through and laid out EVERYTHING for you.

And along the way, if you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me.

Component #4: Hand Health and Stretching eBook

There are 3 main exercises I do on a weekly basis in my training that keep me healthy.

I bundled them, along with the stretches I do at the end of each session, into one quick and short PDF so that you can hit it hard time nd again without worrying about injuries.

My friend, EVERYTHING you need is here.

Keep in mind that the concepts that make up Cadence Based Training were designed to ELIMINATE the mistakes that COUNTLESS trainees are making in their gripper workouts, myself included.

This is not some program I sat down and wrote over a weekend.

The framework of CBT was developed over the the better part of a year.

I listened to other lifters, just like you, who were fed up with being stuck in the same place on grippers after months and months of hard training.

I tested and experimented on myself. I shared my results with my on-line training clients and let them try everything out for themselves.

And now, after investing all that time, I am convinced Cadence Based Training is going to be a GAME CHANGER.

Your 8-week guide to closing bigger grippers is waiting for you.

I know this program is going to help CRUSH Your Gripper Goals.

I can't wait to hear about it.

All the best in your training.

Jedd Johnson
#3 Captain of Crush, 2014 North American Grip Sport Champion

P.S. You've Got My Unwaivering Guarantee that this program will help you get better with Grippers.

P.P.S. There's absolutely NO RISK to you. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your DVD, simply return it within 60 days and I will refund your money completely.