King Kong of Grip 2015
Contest-Specific Training

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4 Workouts in 1!

What's Included for You in This Product?
  • Complete Rules Analysis of each lift in the King Kong of Grip, all explained in layman's terms
  • Video demonstrations showing how each lift is done correctly and efficiently per the rules.
  • Performance Tips for each event gathered through experience over the last 10+ years of Grip Sport competition
  • 4 Complete Grip workouts, 1 for each event being contested in the King Kong of Grip contest
  • Instant Plug-in: All the workouts are short and can easily be added to what you're already doing.
  • Progression plans for the weeks of training leading up to the contest.
What You're Gonna Learn in This Product

One Hand Pinch:

- Frustrated with Your Stalled Progress on the 1 Hand Pinch?
Try out this often overlooked technique change you can use on the 1HP that can instantly weight to your top Pinch.

- Do you suffer from thumb tears from using the Adjustable Pinch Device?
You're gonna learn an easy way to protect your thumbs so you can get more work in on the device. This means you'll be able to experiment more with the Pinch Set-up, and find out your optimal width and lifting technique!

- Do you feel like you should have more Pinch Power, but can't seem to produce it?
Make this one adjustment to the way you grip the device - doing this may seem crazy, but it actually helps you pinch bigger weights.

- Does the Pinch Device often slip out of your grip as you near the cross-bar?
Believe it or not, most people try to fight the device when they're trying to lift it. Make this one small change in how you approach the device, and you'll be lifting more efficiently and pulling more lifts all the way to the cross-bar.

FBBC 2.5" Crusher:

- Do you feel like you can never get a good grip on this thing?
Try this little trick I show you that helps your latch onto the device by utilizing the natural elastic properties of your skin to get a more secure grip.

- Does Your Grip Burn Out on the Crusher?
I'll show you an Isometric drill you can start doing, and the little twist I show you will force your hand to kick into over-drive.

FBBC 2" Vertical Bar:

- Are you worried you're going to injure yourself on this device?
Maybe you're stance is the problem. In Section I, you'll learn where the V-bar needs to be to pull your biggest weights.

- Does the Vertical Bar slip out of your hand?
There's 2 IMPORTANT things you gotta do when lifting the 2" Vertical Bar. If you do them right, I guarantee you drop fewer attempts, and your lifts will go up.

Shallow Hub:

- Confused on How to Grip This Thing?
You're not alone - I went right to the event organizer and the manufacturer of the device to get the skinny on what's legal and what's not. Everything you need to know is waiting for you.

- Two BIG Advantages Some People Have on This Device
There are 2 anatomical traits that make this event better suited for some than others. We'll discuss that and you'll be able to see if you're one of the chosen few. Who knows, this might just be YOUR event!

- Having Trouble Pulling the Device All the Way to the Cross-Bar?
Imagine getting to the contest and pulling a possible World Record weight within centimeters of the stick, only to have the implement rip out of your hand at the last instant. I've been there, but I refuse to let it happen again, so I've totally change the way I train this event, and I'll share it with you as well.

THINK ABOUT THIS: The events in this contest are very similar to many other Grip Contest events and Grip Challenges.

The information you learn in these videos WILL help you out in other Grip Lifts.

For instance, many of the training tips and drills for the 1 Hand Pinch event can be used when training to pinch grip 2-35's or 2-45's.

You can use a ton of the stuff from the Crusher section the next time you train on the Rolling Thunder and on the Inch Dumbbell.

The Shallow Hub tips and drills will help you out if you're training to lift a 45-lb plate by the center hub, even the Old School York deep-dish plates.

And the 2" Vertical Bar drills will carry over well to other thick-bar lifts, they mimic how you grip onto your opponent in wrestling and other fighting sports, plus I've even seen firefighters use Vertical Bars in the gym to help them better prepare for hose usage and rope handling.

In short, this training program is a HUGE VALUE for you, because I'm setting the price for all 4 of these workouts at the same cost of 1 regular workout.

You can get the King Kong of Grip Prep Workout for just $17.

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Once you make your purchase, I'll be emailing you the access page as soon as I possibly can, so you can go through the notes and watch the videos right away.

Good luck at the King Kong, and all the best in your training.

Jedd Johnson, CSCS, RKC, Captain of Crush

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