It's Time to Take Your Two Hands Pinch Training to the Next Level...

I Want YOU to Lift Bigger Weights in the Two Hands Pinch Than You Ever Have Before

And I Want to Show You EXACTLY How to Do It...TODAY.

Dear Fellow Grip Strength Fan,

The Two Hands Pinch

The Two Hands Pinch

It is one of the most popular Grip Sport events that exist.

With its storied history, the Two Hands Pinch is one event that both competitors love training for.

With its allure and magnetism, even the newest fans of Grip Sport know the importance of this event.

Its design and adjustability make it the perfect event for all body shapes and hand sizes.

Its simple rules make it an event that is easy to understand for even the newest of trainees and audience members.

But, even with all of the renown, publicity, and popularity of the Two Hands Pinch event, how to train for success in the lift has remained a mystery...


Introducing, NAPALM PINCH: How to Dominate the Two Hands Pinch

Hello, my name is Jedd Johnson, and today I want to share with you the secrets of training on the Two Hands Pinch.

In a Grip Sport event, you can't afford to do poorly in any of the 5 events.

You must strive to do well in each event so that by the end of the contest, your cumulative score takes you beyond your opponents.

Unfortunately, time and again, competitors' overall scores SUFFER due to a poor showing in the Two Hands Pinch.

But, when you increase your Two Hands Pinch lift, you give yourself an advantage over the other competitors.

With the information you will learn in this DVD, you will be setting yourself up for success in the Two Hands Pinch lift.

And this has become even more important than ever before due to recent changes in the sport.

Just last year, weight classes were instituted across the board in World Wide Grip Sport.

What does this mean to you?

With weight classes, you now have the opportunity to own a world record in the most widely recognized record-eligible lift in Grip Sport Competition.

And in order to make that happen, let's run down EXACTLY what you will learn in this DVD.

What Will I Learn in This DVD?

    Section 1: Introduction to The Euro Pinch

    Right from the beginning, you will learn exactly what makes up the Euro Pinch.

    You will see what sets it apart from other Grip Sport events, and why it is the perfect event for all hand sizes and body types.

    By the end of this section alone you will want to get back into the gym and do more training on the Euro Pinch.

    Section 2: Euro Pinch Rules

    The Rules for the Two Hands Pinch lift are very simple, but it is still important to understand them in detail. After watching this section, you will know the event inside and out, and you will have extreme confidence, even if you have never been to a Grip Competition before.

    This section will increase your confidence going in. This confidence is a HUGE ADVANTAGE you will have over your competitors.

    Section 3: Hand and Device Preparation

    One of the biggest mistakes you can make on the Two Hands Pinch is to not have your hands properly prepared for the lift.

    Hand Preparation, goes well beyond the application of chalk. It actually begins long before that.

    In this section, you will understand the importance of having clean hands, as well as the best material for cleaning the hands. HINT: It isn't what you're thinking!

    Once your hands are properly cleaned, now it is time to chalk them up. This is another area that most lifters get completely wrong when they are competing, but you will know how to do it right!

    And once you get your hands chalked the right way, you will learn how to apply chalk to the apparatus.

    Unfortunately, the way most people chalk the device is hurting their pinch BIG TIME. They are losing a minimum of 5 pounds off their max pulls, and they are losing their grip on the device just before hitting legal height because of this one critical error.

    But, you won't have to worry about this anymore.

    At this point, you will have already learned enough new information about lifting on the Two Hands Pinch to set new Personal Records!

    In addition to all of this, I also talk about lower arm warm-up, as well as the use of gloves to keep the hands warm, a practice that has grown in popularity, especially during cold-wether contests.

    You will learn my take on the wearing of gloves during Grip Sport competitions. You might be surprised by what I say, but you can't argue with the results.

    Section 4: Two Hand Pinch Technique

    It might surprise you to learn that the Two Hands Pinch is NOT just about Thumb Strength, but it is true.

    A serious critical error many grip athletes make when lifting on the Euro Pinch is that they approach it as if it were solely a Pinching (thumb strength) activity.

    Once you abandon that mindset and attack the Two Hands Pinch with the approach you learn in this DVD, your numbers will SKY-ROCKET.

    Because much more of the body is involved in producing the strength to lift BIG NUMBERS in the two hands pinch, you will see the complete analysis of how each part of the body is involved in the lift.

    We will start with the Grip, the way the hands are placed on the implement. If you get this part wrong, you throw off several other links in the chain of strength, which further erodes your pinch numbers. But, when you get this right, you can build a whole new foundation for Pinch Grip Strength.

    Did you know that most people over-grip the Euro Pinch? It's true, and in this section I will show you how using the proper grip will not only increase your lifts, but will also prevent thumb skin tears, allowing you to perform more work on the Pinch Device.

    Next you will learn about the arms and why they can make or break a big lift. You will clearly understand why you need to take a hard look at how you are pinching, and if you make this one change to your technique, everything else in the body will fire more efficiently and the big lifts will fly off the floor with authority.

    Next, you will learn how the torso is involved in the Two Hands Pinch. When you put this often over-looked aspect of grip strength into action, you won't be able to believe the results.

    You will be BLOWN AWAY when you see how easy it is to get the rest of your body involved in the lift, and how easy it is to pull bigger numbers.

    You will also learn why it is important to have a strong core and hips for performing the Two Hands Pinch. Luckily, you probably already have great strength in these parts of the body. You just aren't harnessing it yet. In this section will learn how to do that.

    By this point, you won't be able to wait until your next Two Hands Pinch session, so you can try out these new techniques.

    Section 5: My Time-Tested Drills

    In this section, you will learn the handful of drills I have done in my training to continually break records and win at the Pinch Lift in competition.

    Most of these drills are not complicated at all.

    In fact, many of them are so simple, you will be wondering why you did not try them out in the past.

    I hold nothing back in this section - everything I do in my training I share with you so that you can improve your lifts.

    You'll see that sometimes, I don't even bother with the Euro Pinch itself for my Two Hands Pinch Training.

    You'll see the 2 pieces of thumb-specific equipment I use most often in my training to supplement my 2HP work.

    You will learn how you can modify the grip you take in just a minor way to increase your overall Pinching abilities on both the Two Hands Pinch and other Pinch Strength Lifts.

    You will see the awesome method you can use for developing your Over Pinch, a type of over-drive strength you can use to get that extra little bit of strength for lifting the big weights in the Two Hands Pinch.

    What's great about all of these drills is that they are easy to set-up, and you can plug them into your training with no problem at all.

    You will see that it's never been so easy to increase you strength on the Euro Pinch, now that you understand the key elements.

    Section 6: Two Hand Pinch Platform

    I will show you exactly how to build the very same platform that I use in my top-secret two hand pinch training, that I credit for helping me break the Two Hand Pinch record the first time.

    This platform will cost no more than $40 and will take less than an hour to put together.

    Prepare to Pinch Big and to develop next-level strength.

    The other guys in your weight class won't believe their eyes when they see how much weight you've put on your pinch.

    BONUS: You won't just use this platform for your Two Hands Pinch Training. You can also use it for other strength training you do each week - I'll show you exactly what I mean in the DVD.

    Section 7: How to Choose Your Correct Pinching Width

    Aside from Technique and Preparation, one of the most important variables you MUST know on the Two Hands Pinch is your correct width. If you pinch on the wrong width, you can lose up to 20-lbs on your Pinch.

    Everyone has an optimal width, and you must know what it is to maximize your performance.

    Once you know your width, you will be more confident with every single attempt you take on the device, knowing that your grip is secure and you have total command on the implement.

    Section 8: Contest Conditions - How to Identify and Respond to Them to MAXIMIZE Your Performance

    Sometimes, contest conditions can affect your Pinch. Moisture in the air, temperature of the venue, the feel of the apparatus - all of this is out of your control.

    But, what you can control is how you respond to these situation.

    In this section, you will learn how to be a more adaptable competitor. Contest conditions have been known to absolutely kill some competitors' performances because they are UNABLE to ADAPT.

    You will be ready, and even if conditions are not optimal on the day of the event, you will know how to still get the most out of every attempt on the platform.

    Remember, the conditions affect everyone, and that is just another reason why you MUST approach your training properly in the gym.

    The strength you show at the contest is built weeks and months before you get there.

    And your preparation, with this DVD, will get you ready for anything once contest day comes.

    Section 9: Designing Your Strategy for Your Contest Attempts

    The attempts you take at a contest require the same quality thinking and consideration as the way you train in the gym.

    In this section you will learn how to set up your attempts ahead of time so you can assure yourself the best score possible once the event is done.

    Remember, the first step is to get on the board with a good lift. Once that is in the books, it's time to show people how strong you are and how far you've come.

    Section 10: Two Hands Pinch Training and Programming

    It's not enough anymore JUST to train HARD.

    You MUST train SMART as well.

    In this section I will show you the easy way to set up your training to make sure you can bring up your Two Hands Pinch while also balancing out your preparation for the rest of the events as well.

    You will learn when to start specializing on the 2HP device.

    You will also learn exactly what my programming consists of and how you can apply this to your training.

    On top of that, you'll find out the 1 type of hand strengthening drill that I do ALL YEAR LONG and NEVER take out of my training.

    Believe it or not, it is not anything like the 2HP, yet I keep it in my workouts year-round.

This DVD has everything you need to know to take your Two Hands Pinch to the next level.

I am sharing all the discoveries I have made over the years.

It took me over 4 years of struggling, frustration and trial-and-error experimentation to figure out how to train the Two Hands Pinch event correctly to bring about big gains.

And now, you get to learn everything I've learned.

You get to benefit from all the years of training, video-taping, analyzing, and learning that I have done in my quest to conquer the Two Hands Pinch.

No longer will you have to constantly ask yourself, "Why Am I Not Getting Any Better?"

You don't need to constantly go back and reinvent your training program.

No more banging your head against the wall, irritated with the fact that your Two Hands Pinch is barely improving.

I want to remove all of that turmoil for you.

I want to see your Two hands pinch EXPLODE the next time you compete.

I want to see your hand held high when you finish in first place.

And I want to see you breaking your weight class records every time you hit the competition platform.

That is why I put together Napalm Pinch: How to Dominate the Two Hands Pinch.


I have had the pleasure of helping many others improve their Two Hands Pinch
at my coaching site, The Grip Authority.

See below how many of them have quickly increased their Pinch just by using some of the tips I share in the Napalm Pinch DVD

"My Results Have Been Outstanding"

"When it comes to grip training, I've been working with Jedd Johnson for almost three years now, and my results have been outstanding. One of the areas where I've seen the most dramatic improvement is in the two hands pinch lift. Jedd was able to show me several subtle tweaks to my hand placement and also a couple changes to my approach. The result was an instant 15 pounds added to my top lift in that event. Huge thanks to Jedd for all the help and inspiration!"

Todd Coenen, Wisconsin

"Two Hands Pinch Went From 95lbs to 160lbs"

"My name is Robby, I've been with TGA for almost four months now. Prior to joining I had never partaken, nor had any knowledge thereof regarding gripsport or steel-bending.

In these past four months with Jedd coaching me (at a bodyweight of 155+/- lbs)...
  • My two hand pinch went from a struggling 95lbs to nearly 160lbs
  • My gripper work went from barely closing a CoC #1 to smashing a CoC#2
  • I PR'd on deadlift with a raw 435lb pull at a 153lb bodyweight. (285%)
  • While only bending nails once a week, on my tenth "official" day bending I crushed a grade 8 bolt
Jedd is a world class coach and a world champion grip athlete. When I train, I don't try to PR for my own ego or bragging rights. I want to set records to impress Jedd as a show of respect for him, his accomplishments and his contribution to the culture."

Robby Sparango, San Diego, CA

"Put 10 Pounds on my Pinch from ONE TIP"

"I began working with Jedd in March of 2013 when I developed an interest in competing in grip sport. With little knowledge of what the sport held, I became a member of The Grip Authority. During the four months I have worked with Jedd, his coaching on all aspects of grip, especially the two hand pinch has paid huge dividends. With one simple instruction from Jedd, I put 10 pounds on my two hand pinch in the course of 5 minutes!

I am no where near a great two hand pinch competitor yet, but as I continue to train with Jedd I will be moving up the charts. Jedd's coaching has led me to feel comfortable enough to enter my first competition in September of this year. I owe my love of grip strength and the technique behind the lifts to Jedd and all the people at The Grip Authority."

Luke Wicks, St. Louis, Missouri

"Improvement Across the Board"

"My name is Colt Anstine and I have been a member of TGA for over 1 year. In that time I have gone from not closing a coc #1.5 gripper to closing a 136 lb GHP 6, axle pulling 307 lbs, and sitting on the doorstep of bending a red nail. I have bent horseshoes and bolts, tore phonebooks and decks of cards, made great gains with sledge hammers and blobs, and it is all due to what I have learned from Jedd Johnson, The Grip Authority, and it's members. Jedd has created a family atmosphere with his clients and the encouragement, support, and love in general are directly responsible for any gains I have made since joining. I wish I would have signed up years ago."

Colt Anstine, Missouri

"PR's In Every Grip Workout"

"I joined The grip Authority about 3 months ago, and I want to take a minute to thank Jedd Johnson for all his help and support. I was always skeptical as to why anyone would join a paid site with "all" the info out there for free. Since joining TGA I have hit PR's in EVERY grip workout, and all my regular lifts are on the rise as well. A good example is Two Hands Pinch. This lift was always pretty low on my list of priorities but I recently signed up for my first grip competion and that is one of the disciplines. After building the device and testing my max, I devoured a couple of Jedd's videos. The very next day using Jedd's tips on hand and foot placement and using the proper amount of chalk I hit an 18lb PR!!! After 20 years of hard training those kinds of numbers are AMAZING!!!! So thank you once again for everything Napalm - KING of the 2HP!!!"

Chris Andrade, Derby, CT

"Added 30 Pounds to My Two Hands Pinch"

"I've been a part of TGA since it's launch. Working with Jedd I was able to bring my two hands pinch from 200 to 230 pounds. TGA is an excellent resource for athletes who are just starting out as well as people who are more advanced. There are tons of ideas for for training every aspect of hand strength."

Brent Barbe, Pittsburgh, PA

All of these testimonials are 100% factual, sent in by members of my site

I LOVE hearing about the new personal records they are setting in their training.

And I can't wait to hear about yours as well!

Are you ready to learn what they have learned?

Get started by clicking the Yellow Button below:

Other Secrets That You Will Discover

  • Learn a simple way to modify your grip in order to make the 2HP even more of a thumb strength builder while at the same time strengthening your fingers

  • 2HP is not JUST a thumb strength lift, it incorporates the entire body, just like a deadlift or the Olympic Lifts.

  • Why arm angle matters and what the best arm position is on the Two Hands Pinch

  • What it means to "Squeeze the Armpits" and how this cane bring up your Pinch

  • Why the core has more to do with the grip than you think and how to us your core for bigger Pinch Lifts

  • Why the Two hands Pinch is more like Kettlebell Swing than a Barbell Deadlift

  • Why the stance is so important, and why if you get it wrong it can make you lose your grip on the Euro

  • How to change your grip to increase your thumb strength and at the same time make your fingers stronger and tougher

  • What you should NEVER do with chalk on the Euro Pinch Device, unless you want to hurt you lift, that is...

You Might Be Wondering...

Now, you might be wondering, "Jedd, why would you do this? Aren't you giving your competitors the opportunity to beat you on 'your lift?'"

The answer is yes.

I realize that my competitors will now know the Ins and Outs of my training, and it could lead to them passing me in the lift, but I am OK with that.

You see, the time has come to make Grip Sport EVOLVE, and the only way to do that is to make this guarded information available for everyone who loves competing just as much as I do.

I have enjoyed many fine years of competition and comeraderie in this sport, and now it is time to give back.

I want to see the new guys pulling big numbers.

I want to see new world records fall in every competition that is held.

I want to see the excitement of several months of training culminating in big lifts and world records on the platform.

This can't happen, unless I open the doors.

And the doors are open now.

All the best in your training. I can't wait to see you DOMINATING the Two Hands Pinch.

Jedd Johnson

Common Questions:

Q: I am new to Grip Sport - will I understand everything you tell me?

A: You will have no issues understanding the terms I use in the DVD. In all cases, I am demonstrating exactly what I am telling you, so even if you have never seen the devices or tools before in person, you will them in the video.

Q: I have limited room, will I still be able to do this?

A: Absolutely. I train in a small garage, and the majority of it takes place is the space of a 6-feet by 4-feet mat. Limited space will NOT keep you from developing a big Two Hands Pinch

Q: I train on two weight plates and don't have a European adjustable apparatus. Can this information still help me?

A: Yes. Many competitors DO NOT own the adjustable device. While it is good to have one, you can still develop your Pinch Grip Strength using plates or even wooden or steel pinch blocks. The most important things are improving your technique and loading your hands how I show you in this DVD.

Q: I don't have my own facility. I train my athletes out of the trunk of my car. Will this work for me?

A: Absolutely. We show many tools that are light weight and will take up little room in your car. Also, we show a bunch of equipment you can build to go easier on your budget.

Q: When will I receive my copy of Napalm Pinch?

A: I use a printing company that produces and ships each DVD I ship out. When I receive an order, I email them, and they generally ship out the next day. In cases of holidays and weekends, they ship the next business day.

Q: Does improving my Pinch require a lot of work?

A: It's not about working hard, it's about working smart. Now that you have the best information available for developing your Two Hands Pinch, you can be sure you will be able to eliminate training that is unnecessary and a waste of time, and you can focus solely on what works.