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ATTN New Benders, and Those Ready to Get Back in the Game:

Are you unsure how to set up your bending sessions?

Get That Bend Started And
Feel the Heat, Brother!
Has the lack of clear-cut direction in your bending left you feeling lost?

Did you end up bending too much, and found yourself injured because of it?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you're not alone.

Until now, there hasn't been a really good road map for success in bending steel.

With Steel Bending, it's not enough, JUST to have Good Technique.

It's not enough JUST to have the Will to Succeed.

Eventually, your continued success comes down to exactly how you lay out your training sessions, every single time you chalk up your hands and wrap up the steel you want to take down.

And whether your aim is to slay the Red Dragon, the IronMind Red Nail, or to get your name on the other bending lists, or if you just want to feel the sensation of steel bars, bolts and nails, giving way to your arm strength, the answer you're looking for is here, now.

Introducing, the Less is More Steel Bending Workout.

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How The Less is More Workout Came to Be And Why It's Different from Anything You've Seen Before

In recent years, I've trained several lifters who wanted to bend big big steel, like the Red Nail.

But I was surprised to find out that most of these individuals were either already hurt, or, as I felt, were headed straight for an injury, due to how much bending they were doing.

In all these cases, I had them stop what they were doing - RIGHT AWAY - and moved them to a more streamlined approach, with much less overall volume.

In all these cases, the lifter's bending strength went up, and they were able to stay injury free, during the time I coached them.

After experiencing a back injury that hindered my ability to perform many of the bigger strength lifts, I recently began bending again as well.

Right from the beginning, I began doing bending workouts just like my students had been doing.

Like the old adage says, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," right?

I'll tell ya, I WISH I approached bending liek this back when I was at my peak, instead of subjecting myself to all that high-volume bending I used to do!

Now, after more than 2 years of working with steel benders through online coaching, and being back to bending for nearly 2 solid months myself, it's time to put this out there, so more people can benefit from it!

Why The Less is More Workout Works So Well

The Less is More Bending Workout is all about EFFICIENCY, and NO WASTED EFFORT.

You see, at some point in a bending session we all reach the "point of diminishing returns."

This is the point in a bending workout where if you keep going, you'll be too tired to put out your top effort.

Once we hit this point, it makes more sense to "call it a day" and begin the recovery process, than it does to keep on bending.

Going beyond the point of diminishing returns is when our ability to recovery completely for the next session declines, and the risk for injury increases.

With the streamlined approach of the Less is More workout, you see steadier progress over the long haul, by doing smarter work and shorter workouts.

Don't get me wrong - you're still gonna feel tired from the Less is More workout.

The difference is, every phase of the workout has a specific purpose, and there's no wasted motion. No more bending just for the sake of doing more work.

In fact, you'll probably be able to get through this workout inside of 60 minutes, if you play your cards right.

And you'll have plenty of time left to work on whatever else is on the training docket for the day.

All of this equates to better results and bigger bends, over the course of a shorter time.

A WIN - WIN - WIN situation!

What's Headed Your Way in the
Less is More Steel Bending Workout?

Now that you know the story behind how the Less is More Bending Workout came to be, let's look at EXACTLY what you're going to get when you pick up your copy...

Must-Have Bending Supplies

Welcome to my bending table, where I keep all my bending materials in one spot, so they're easy to find and use each time I prepare to bend big steel.

Here, you'll get a complete rundown of all the materials you need for big time bending. Add these items to your shopping list the next time you hit town, and before you know it, you'll be in bending business.

Lower Arm Warm-up Sequence

It's never a good idea to jump into steel bending without a proper warm-up, and in this section you'll see my go-to methods for warming up the lower arms for maximized steel damage, while keeping your lower arms and hands strong and healthy.

I'll walk you through my warm-up process, which always begins with general mobility work, followed by some light resistance training, and then moving into a handful of sledge hammer warm-up drills, and finally 2 to 3 light bends that will help you groove your form and make sure everything is primed once it's time to wrap the big bars.

How to Wrap Steel for Big Bending

In this section, you'll learn a quick and easy system to help you find out not only how to wrap each bar you bend super tight, but also a system to help you find out where exactly the wraps should be on the steel.

This will help you optimize your leverage and help you blast into each bend with as much power as possible.

Let the Bending Begin!
Warning: When I shoot workouts for you, I don't just go through the motions. I hit these with the same intensity as any other workout. It's all business when the camera's running.

So, expect some emotion, expect some grunts, and expect to see me get fired up when things don't go my way, or if they do.

This is the real deal! In fact, why don't you just plan to round up your wraps, and bend right along with me.

5 Minute Re-Charge Recovery
The work you do to keep yourself strong and healthy is just as important as the hard work you put in to get better and stronger at bending. In this section you'll learn 2 drills you can do to keep forearm pain from setting in and ruining your progress.

You'll also see my current favorite drill for ensuring recovery from one bending session to the next without seeing any negative impact on all the other grip-related training I do.

Difference Maker: Access to Steel Bending Progressions Chart
Why guess about what you're bending? Do you train your Bench Press without knowing how much weight is on the bar? Of course not! So why would you want to bend without having any idea how hard one bar is compared to another?

Prepare to access one of the most important resources for steel benders in helping to decide and plan workouts, programs, and progressions over time - the Steel Progressions Chart (a little known resource)- compiled by world-class benders over the last 7 years, sampling DOZENS of different bars and rating them using a standardized system.

Bonus: New Bender Coaching Call Recording
Got questions about getting started with bending? Download this free audio recording that I did for new steel benders recently.

This Q&A Call was all completely generated by questions sent in by new benders JUST LIKE YOU, and covered things about getting started, techniques to use, combining bending with your other current training, and injury considerations.

It will help you answer many questions you have and help you get started in the right direction with even more confidence.

Bonus: Workout Plan PDF

Don't worry about trying to remember everything in the videos from the workout, or trying to chicken scratch all the details while you go through them. I've got everything you need in a quick and easy PDF you can download and view any time you need it.

This PDF also includes some other info about my bending history that you might enjoy, as well as other fun bending tidbits.

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As you can see, the Less is More Bending Workout has a TON to offer you.

I can only wish this kind of information was out there, when I began bending, way back in 2001/2002.

I put this product together for YOU, the beginning bender, and other former benders who are thinking about getting back into the game.

I want you to be able to enjoy the exhilaration of bending every bit as much as I have, WITHOUT having to deal with all the easily avoidable injuries I used to deal with.

I fully expect to see lots of bending success from those who pick this product up, and who knows, maybe YOU will be the first new Red Nail bender out of all the people who buy this and put it into action.

Thank you for your support, and please let me know if you have any questions, as you go through the product.

As always, I wish you the best in your training.

Jedd Johnson
4X North American Grip Sport Champion
Red Nail and FBBC Huge Bastard, Certified Bender

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What Bending Technique(s) Are Used in the Less is More Workout?

Currently, I've been focusing on Reverse Bending, because I've been training for a competition that involves Reverse Bending. So, that's what I do in this real-deal, full-effort workout.

If you're not training Reverse Bending, that is no problem at all.

None of the clients I've worked with in the past have bent using the Reverse Technique either, and this template worked out great for them.

So, feel free to use the Less is More Workout in your pursuit for steel bending greatness, regardless of what bending technique you specialize in: Reverse, Double Overhand, Double Underhand, or any type of modification.