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From the desk of Jedd Johnson, Grip Strength Expert
Is Your Hand Strength
Holding You Back from
Reaching Your Goals?

Discover the simple type of training that improves your hand strength and gives you the grip strength you need in the gym,
in your sport and on your job:
Block Weight Training

Dear Friend:

Is your lack of hand strength causing you problems in the gym?

Do you have trouble holding onto the bar when doing Deadlifts?

Does your grip slip when doing Pull-ups and Chin-Ups?

Do you constantly have to take breaks in the middle of your sets to give your hands a rest?

Do you feel like you could get better results in the gym if only you had a little better grip?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are not alone.

One of the most common problems reported by lifters is their lack of hand strength and grip endurance.

Your hands fail before the rest of your body.

Your wrists feel like they are going to buckle under the weight of the bar.

And you have to cut sets short because your grip gives out.

Well, it doesn't have to be like this anymore.

Today, I'm going to tell you about the answer to your weak hand woes.

Jedd Johnson, 2014 Grip Champion
But My Grip Used to be Pathetic!
Allow me to introduce myself - my name is Jedd Johnson, 2014 North Amrican Grip Sport Champion - and I have a confession to make.

For the first three years I lifted weights, I habitually used lifting straps and wrist wraps.

I mean, my Grip was pathetic!

I needed lifting straps for Pull-ups, Bent Over Rows, Deadlifts, and all my other major pulling movements.

In fact, the first things I did when I got to the gym was buckle my lifting belt, fasten my wrist wraps, and slip on my lifting straps.

There was rarely a workout that I didn't use some sort of grip aid, whether it was to strengthen my grip for my pulls, or reinforce my weak wrists for my pushing movements.

Even when I began including grip strength training regularly in my workouts, my hands were still a liability.

Until I began working with Block Weights...

By training with Block Weights, I started seeing and feeling a difference in my hand strength.

I could keep my grip on the bar longer, so I was able to do more reps in my Pull-ups, Rows, Curls, and Presses...

...I could go heavier on my major lifts like the Deadlift, Bench Press, and Cleans...

...since I was FINALLY able to do more overall volume, I began seeing a difference in the way my clothes fit and how I looked in the mirror...

...and FINALLY, I got the confidence to lose the straps and wraps and start lifting like a real man.

The truth is, the men with the mightiest hands in modern times have always known the benefits of Block Weight Training.

John Brookfield, one of the most prolific authors on hand strength coined the phrase,
"Block Weights = Hand Strength."

Richard Sorin, the first man ever certified for closing the #3 Captains of Crush gripper, experienced the grip-enhancing benefits of Block Weight Training first hand, when he sought out to lift "the Blob," a type of Block Weight that was half of a 100-lb York Dumbbell.

Brookfield & Sorin - Block Weight Legends

And many other notable names in the Grip World have credited Block Weight Training with helping them build their hand strength.

To this day, over 10 years after I first learnd about them, I still regularly train with Block Weights, because they continue to help me push my grip strength to higher and higher levels.

And now, I want to share my knowledge with YOU so you can experience the same benefits from this super-effective form of hand strength training.

Introducing the High Impact Grip Training Series
- Volume 1 - Block Weight Training.

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Do YOU Need Stronger, Tougher Hands?

If you lift weights, compete in strength sports, or if your hands are important for your job, then you know how important strong hands are to your success.

And you've probably been wondering what you should be doing in order to get your hand strength where it needs to be.

With so many crazy gadgets and gimmicks out there, it can be hard to decide what kind of training to focus on.

Well, today, I am making the decision easy on you by making this new DVD available.

Soon, you will learn all about Block Weight Training, how it can strengthen your grip so quickly, and why it is so helpful for so many types of lifters, athletes, and workers.

Who Can Benefit from Block Weight Training?

ANYONE who needs strong hands will benefit from Block Weight Training. Lifters especially will see a dramatic difference from training with Block Weights, but they are not the only ones.

Here are just some of the kinds of trainees who will see dramatic results by including Block Weight training in their workouts:
  • Football Players: If your hands are weak on the football field, then you are a liability for your team. Get your hands stronger with Block Weight Training and you'll avoid fumbles, complete more catches and make more tackles.

  • Track and Field Throwers & Vaulters: Your hands MUST be strong in order to perform well in the javelin, shot, and discus. Block Weights build strength in your hands at all angles, and the way they build up the wrists means you'll have more power for the pole vault as well.

  • Law Enforcement Personnel: Let's face it - on your job, your hands are your first line of defense when the crap hits the fan. Block Weight Training will enable you to grip an inmate's arm to control them in a fight, a purp's wrist to safely apply hand cuffs, and the hand of a colleague if they are in trouble.

  • Baseball Players: Stronger hands and wrists are an asset to the best ball players, and the stronger you can make your forearms and hands, the more resilient against injuries you'll be. Hitting the Block Weights hard after practice can help you build better home run power and make you a force on the field.

  • Gymnasts: Your hands and wrists are what gets you through each execution on the bars and help you propel and redirect your body when working on the floor. Block Weights take your grip to levels you've never thought possible from past training you've done.

  • Powerlifters: Ever drop a Deadlift, JUST before lockout? Sucks doesn't it. Block Weights strengthen your fingers from the base to the tip which will help you grind out those heavy pulls, plus Blocks will build your thumbs up, which will reinforce your grip on the bar even more.

  • Olympic Weight Lifters: While the majority of the work you do in the gym is barbell based, there's only so much Grip Strength benefit you'll get from your regular lifts. If Grip is a weakness for you, you need to add something else in that won't take too much time away from your primary work. That's where Block Weights come in - High Impact & High Benefit.

  • Manual Laborers: You get paid by your ability to get stuff done. The ability to get jobs completed. Work like this requires a strong set of hands that can stand up to whatever challenge is thrown at them, and Block Weight Training gets you ready for anything your hands will encounter on the job.

  • Crossfitters: You know how important strong and healthy hands are to your training. Guaranteed 99% of the competitors you're going up against know NOTHING about Block Weights. Now that you DO KNOW about them, be sure to keep them a secret.

  • Strongman Competitors: In any Strongman contest, the hands are going to be tested to the fullest. Make sure that your Grip is the LAST to give out at your next show by working with Block Weights TODAY.

  • Basketball Players: Rebounding, passing, shot-blocking - all of these aspects of the game - AND MORE - require strong and healthy hands. Hands that are tough from the palms to the finger tips. Block Weights can reinforce this entire area, helping you to stay injury free and remain in the game longer, helping you rack up the big stats.

  • Rugby Players: Your sport requires serious toughness and you can't afford any weak links. Block Weight Training will give your hands the ruggedness they need to have, and you'll be able to play as aggressively as ever.

  • Soccer Goalkeepers: When a ball is speeding toward you, you react like a cat and try to block it from entering the goal. Block Weight Training will turn your fingers into reinforced steel bars, capable of deflecting anything you can reach with less worry of jamming or injuring something.

  • Martial Artists: Since many chokes and submissions involve the hands, a strong grip is HUGE in martial arts. Strong hands also are important for the throws found in many disciplines. Block Weight Training will help you whether you are holding your opponent in a gut wrench, by the arm, or by the gi.

  • Wrestlers & Grapplers: You know how important it is to be able to control your opponent on the mat, so Grip Strength is key, but you've also got to have the RIGHT kind of grip strength. Many of the drills in this DVD are very dynamic in nature and will carry over very well to wrestling and grappling.

  • Grip Specialists: Block Weights, and especially the 50-lb York Blob, are some of the most common Grip Strength goals of grip enthusiasts. Everything you need to know about Block Weight Lifting is covered for you in this video. You'll be dominating your goal Block Weight in no time.
And anyone else whose job, sport or pastime demands superior hand strength will love the grip strength increases they get from Block Weight Training.

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Despite all their benefits, and how easy they are to use, you may not know a lot about Block Weights, so let me tell you a bit about them right now...

What Are Block Weights?

Block Weights are any piece of equipment that are shaped like a block. They can be square, rectangular, and even rounded, but the main idea is that they are boxy in shape.

What Are Some Examples of Block Weights?

There are many types of Block Weights. Here are some examples.

Half Dumbbell Heads

Half Dumbbell Heads
If a dumbbell breaks, don't think you're stuck with junk - you have some of the most valuable grip training pieces of equipment you can possibly find.

And if you have spare dumbbells, you can cut the handle off, and to use the heads in your training.

These are the most common types of Block Weights used in grip training.

Inverted Dumbbells

Inverted Dumbbells

If you haven't scored a broken dumbbell yet, and you don't feel comfortable cutting one up, there's nothing to worry about.

You can invert the dumbbell, or stand it on end, and pinch it from the top in a claw grip.

Training like this still puts you into that Open Hand postion you want, for building mighty hand strength.

Odd Objects

Odd Objects

Odd Objects are GREAT for Block Weight Training.

Pictured to the right are a stone, an anvil, and a scale weight - all of which I love to train with - but that's not all...

You can even use chunks of iron or steel, wooden blocks, and weight plates taped together or supported by a pipe through the center and you'll get the same exact Open Hand Training benefits.

Remember, there are tons of different items that can be used for Block Weight Training - you don't need broken or cut dumbbells.

Here's why...

Why is Block Weight Training So Effective at Building Hand Strength?

Block Weights strengthen your hands because they force you to lift with an Open Hand.

Open Hand Training involves placing your hand on something that will not allow your thumb and fingers to overlap one another.

The awkward shape of Block Weights also make your hand and your wrist work harder than normal training with regularly shaped equipment.

And this is why Block Weight Training makes your hands SO MUCH STRONGER.

Thumb Training and Why It's So Important...

Block Weight Training is also one of the best ways to increase thumb strength.

The thumb is often severely neglected by conventional training means, and because of that your thumbs usually are very weak.

However, if you strengthen your thumb it can pay off big time by helping you keep a strong grip on barbells, dumbbells, and other bars and handles you need to hold onto in the gym.

You see, when you overlap your thumb on top of your fingers, it reinforces your Grip.

In fact, having strong thumbs can make the difference between missing a new PR (Personal Record) Deadlift and pulling it all the way to Lockout!

Why is Open Hand Training the Best Way to Train for Hand Strength

Life Happens With an Open Hand.

Think about it like this...

When you are faced with a task that requires true strength in real life, which is more likely?

(1) Is it more common to be able to wrap your hand comfortably and perfectly around the object you need to lift or pull on?


(2) Are you forced to find and cope with the best grip possible?

In short: Will you be able to get an optimal grip? Or will you just have to cope with what you can manage, and just try to hang on as well as you can?

In most cases, you're NOT gonna be able to get a perfect grip.

You're gonna have to apply your grip as well as you can and just hope for the best.

So, doesn't it make sense to include grip training that mimics these real life scenarios?

That's where Block Weight Training comes in - imperfect hand placement.

Yes, Life Happens with an Open Hand, and so does Block Weight Training.

Here are some more examples...

Manual Labor Jobs: When you need to accomplish something physical, very rarely are you able to get it done with a perfect grip like around a dumbbell handle or barbell. Often, the object is big, bulky, or has some unwieldy shape to it.

Football / Rugby: The ball is large enough you can't get your hand around it, so you must be able to squeeze it. Tackles require you to hook your whole hand around a waist, a thigh, or an ankle.

Basketball: To be able to throw stiff passes, your whole hand must be strong in an open position. To rebound the ball and control it in the paint, your wrists, hands, fingers and thumbs need to be strong.

Soccer: When throwing passes, you've gotta get as much force into the ball as possible. Strong hands are a must here. And when it comes to blocking shots on goal, if your hands are weak, the ball's gonna get by you, or even worse, you're gonna hurt a finger.

Block Weight Training will strengthen your hands for all of these real life and sporting situations.

It's no wonder Open Hand Training is called GPP (General Physical Preparedness) for the Hands...

GPP for the Hands?

GPP stands for General Physical Preparedness. This term is usually applied to forms of training that improve strength, speed, and conditioning in a broad sense, laying a foundation for more specific work to be done later on down the line.

For example, just about any athlete will benefit by doing Farmer's Walks because it strengthens the whole body from the feet to the neck.

Open Hand Training, especially the work you do with Block Weights, works the same way for your hands and arms.

It strengthens everything between the elbow and the fingertips, making you stronger and better prepared for other work you will do later on.

Incorporating this kind of grip work in your training can give you a big advantage over other athletes who don't.

When you train with Block Weights, everything gets hit hard...

The flexors of the forearm have to work intensely...

The wrist gets engaged...

The fingers and thumbs have to clamp down on the Block Weight...

And even the muscles in the back of the forearm, the extensors, have to fire in order to maintain stability.

So the ENTIRE lower arms are worked, making Blocking Weight Training truly a High Impact form of training that provides benefits for anyone who does it.
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What Will I Learn in this DVD?

Let's look at everything that is covered in this Block Weight Training Video...

Part 1: Introduction

In this short section, you will learn about why Block Weights are so beneficial, and why it makes so much sense for athletes, manual laborers, law enforcement personnel, and anyone else who needs strong hands for what they do to use Block Weights in the gym.


Part II: Types of Block Weights

The most commonly used type of Block Weight is a head from a dumbbell, but there are many other kinds of Block Weights out there that you can use to get the benefits of Open Hand Training. In this section, you will walk through 8 different kinds of Block Weights that you can use. Some are easier to find than others, but many of them are probably already in your gym - you just haven't thought about them yet.

Part III: Basic Drills

When beginning any type of new training, it is important to start out with the basics. In this section, you'll see the basic movements as they are done with Block Weights. These are terms you are probably already familiar with, such as Deadlifts, Cleans, Singles and Doubles.

Part IV: Intermediate Drills

Now, it's time to branch out a bit by performing some more demanding drills that will tax the hands and arms more. These drills can be done by lifters who train alone, or they can be done in small groups and team settings.


Part V: Advanced Drills

After a few weeks, your hands are going to be much stronger, and you will welcome more challenges. That's where the movements in this section come in. You'll see drills that can develop the strength to lift big Block Weights, and you'll see how you can replace conventional training tools, such as dumbbells, with Block Weights to make the movements more demanding and more FUN too!

What's great about all these drills is that you don't need giant Block Weights in order to build better hand strength. Just small block weights in the 20 to 30-lb range will work great for most athletes, and I will show you a variety of different Block Weights that you can use for all of the movements.

Part VI: Programming

In this part of the video, you will learn what I feel are the best ways to program your Block Weight Training. These are the methods I began using years ago and still continue to use to this day.

By using these methods you too can always be progressing in your hand strength training. Believe me, there's no reason to EVER get bored with Block Weight Training - by taking the drills I've shown you, and applying these programming methods to them, you'll have hundreds of ways to train your hands.


Not everyone wants to take the time or spend the money to get a dozen different Block Weights. And it's not necessary either. Just 1 or 2 Block Weights is really all you need.

I really wanted to make this video special, so I tacked this Bonus Segment on at the end. In this final part of the video, you'll see how you can turn one Block Weight into multiple Block Weights. You are going to love it. And if you are a strength coach who trains multiple athletes, this little gem will enable you to train entire teams effectively with just 1 or 2 Block Weights.

As you can see, this video contains everything you need to know in order to effectively train with Block Weights and build the grip strength that will help you lift heavier weights, perform more repetitions, and get better results in the gym.

In just a matter of time, you'll understand exactly what you need to know and how to implement it all so that you can increase your hand strength with Block Weight Training.

All you need to do now, is decide whether you want the Digital Version, which you can stream on your PC, Mac, or other favorite device, or if you want the hard copy DVD sent directly to your home.

Either way you go, you're getting on the fast track to improving your grip strength, lifting bigger weights in the gym, and performing at a higher level and with more confidence in your sport, job, or pastime.

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Customer Feedback

The following feedback is from customers who have purchased the Block Weight DVD...

"Thanks for putting this together."

My DVD just showed up today and I could not be happier, the information on it is priceless to me as someone that is new to grip training.

Thanks for putting this together Jedd.

-Jared Goguen-

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All the best in your training!

Jedd Johnson
2014 North American Grip Sport Champion

P.S. You've Got My Unwaivering Guarantee that this DVD will cover everything you need to know in order to improve your grip strength!

P.P.S. There's absolutely NO RISK to you. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your DVD, simply return it within 60 days and I will refund your money completely.

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