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horseshoe bending

You've marveled at the legendary oldtime strongmen and their amazing feats of strength. Now you want to do the same. Jedd and Mike want to know......

Dear Future Steel Destroyer:

Have you ever seen a Strongman performing on TV or in Person, doing amazing feats of strength like Bending Steel Bars, Rolling up Frying Pans, and Folding Wrenches in Half?

Have you ever wished that you could bend bars as thick as the beasts you have seen on TV?

What if you could take a wrench in your hands and fold it in half?

Do you ever secretly wish that you had the ability to amaze your friends and family with feats of super strength like the greatest of strongmen?

Have you ever wished you could do those things?

Well, now you can learn absolutely everything you need to know in order to perform the exact same feats of strength as the men you've seen performing live!

When you pick up this DVD today, you will be armed with the knowledge to take down elite feats of strength one by one.

When You Get Your Copy of Braced Bending, This is What You'll Learn:

  • Warm-up and Injury Prevention

  • We take you through an entire warm-up to prepare your body for the rigors of braced bending. We want you destroying big steel, but most importantly, we want you to enjoy the benefits of braced bending for years and years.

  • Wraps and Padding

  • We take you through the types of wraps and padding you will need to perform these amazing feats of strength, as well as exactly how to wrap for best results.

  • Best Material to Braced Bend

  • In this section, Mike will cover the fundamentals of Short Bars, Mid Bars, and Long Bars and explain what to look for in Flat Bars, Wrenches, Pans, Horseshoes

  • Types of Braced Bends

  • That’s right, there’s more than one kind of braced bending and each one has its own special techniques. We show you the best techniques and all the secrets of bending short, medium and long bars as well as several different kinds of odd objects like spikes, horseshoes, frying pans, and wrenches!

  • Technique

  • Technique is key for braced bending. In fact it’s more important for various kinds of braced bends than it is for unbraced bends or other feats of strength. Believe me when I tell you that you will not successfully bend the biggest steel without knowing all the secret techniques of the great strongmen we include in this DVD!

  • The Kink, The Sweep, and the Crush

  • Most bends have three distinct phases, the kink, sweep, and crush. What you may not know is that for each type of bend, there are various different ways to do each of these. Mike and I take you through each variation in detail. Do you want to know how to safely Silverback Sweep a bar? Or do you know that when row kinking a bar, you aren’t really rowing? Well get ready to learn a ton, because Mike and I, with the help of Carl Ansara, take you through each and every variation out there. You will learn all the tried and true methods for bending big steel and a ton of insider secrets that have never been published until now!

  • Exercises to Improve Braced Bending

  • I take you through a complete workout for increasing strength in all the areas you will need to become a great braced bender. These are bending specific exercises that will train your body to be a beast in the specific planes of motion you will be moving through when performing these impressive feats of strength!

  • How to Build Strength Specific to Braced Bending Feats

  • Mike and I cover the exact exercises you can do in your training for supplemental strength training to take your bending to another level!

  • BONUS: Complete Braced Bending Instructional Layout by GUEST PRESENTER, Carl Ansara

  • Mike and I contacted our friend Carl Ansara, the #1 ranked short and mid-length bar bender, and he drew up a special bonus presentation covering the fine details of his technique, so that you can bend just like him.

  • BONUS: Braced Bending Feat Highlight Reel

  • Want to see some of the things that are possible with time, effort, and with the knowledge you'll gain from this DVD? Wait until you see some of the INSANE bends that Mike does in the included Highlight Reel!

Check Out Some of the Other Tidbits
We STUFFED into the Nearly 2-Hour DVD

  • Where to get bending stock and odd objects to bend

  • How to wrap and what material to use

  • How to get a tight wrap on what you bend to secure your grip and improve your performance

  • Different types of padding that can be used to pad the body until your skin toughens from experience

  • Why the "Rowing Style Kink" Isn't Really a Row...

  • Why powerful hip drive can result in a bigger kink and how to generate it

  • When to go with straight arms and when to go with bent arms when kinking steel

  • A secret trick to do with your core in order to finish bigger bars and shoes

  • How far you need to kink a horseshoe before going into the sweep

  • Hand and wrist movements that will enhance your strength in each phases of the bend

  • What constitutes a legally bent horseshoe

  • Why Gripper Training can help you be able to roll big frying pans

  • An exercise that will strengthen your hips and improve your kink (this one is even good for athletes) and we innovated it ourselves!

  • Why your leg position and how you use your lower body could make all the difference in your bending

  • How to hold what you're bending in order to get the best leverage

  • A very simple technique adjustment in the way you hold the bar or wrench to make sure you kink is as powerful as it should be (unfortunately this is often completely overlooked)

  • Why TECHNIQUE IS EVERYTHING when it comes to braced bending, and why the best benders already know this!

  • Why you can ditch conventional ab training and why NOTHING builds your core like attacking a big piece of steel.

We Know that this DVD is Going to be Awesome. But don't take our word for it!

Check out what people had to say about our last release, Hammering Horseshoes!

"You Guys Outdid Yourselves!"

"You guys out did yourselves with this DVD. I've done some shoes in the past with the technique of "outlasting" the darn things and trying so many different ways that finally one of them worked. I just did two shoes in a row with no apparent effort compared to what I did before (easy ones of course). As usual it's the little things - not the big obvious ones I was missing. It's the difference between having some technique and being too stubborn to quit. I have a long way to go of course before I'd call myself a shoe bender but I'm started (somewhat) correctly now anyway. Thanks Mike!"

Chris Rice, Ohio
Seasoned Steel Bender

"Quality Training Material"

"Thanks to Mike Rinderle & Jedd Johnson ... I have been trying to bend horseshoes for several years without success, until my wife got me the ultimate shoe bending DVD for Christmas 2011! GOD Bless Napalm & Beast from the East for putting out quality training materials!! You fellas rock."

Jeff Bankens, Louisiana
Performing Minestry Strongman

"It Was Awesome!"

"Hi Jedd, I received the Hammering Horseshoes DVD from you today, and it was awesome! It made me really want to start train with those horseshoes."

Karl M. Skjelvik, Norway
Grip and Bending Enthusiast

"Enthusiastically Recommended"

"Mike and Jedd have managed to condense the knowledge that would normally take years of potentially dangerous trial and error training, into a concise and entertaining video package. I enthusiastically recommend this comprehensive tutorial for anyone interested in pursuing the rewarding and richly historical pursuit of bending horseshoes with your bare hands!"

Eric Milfeld, Texas
Leader in Various Bending Styles

"How a 'How-To' Video Should Be"

"Bravo! Hammering Horseshoes was a pleasure to watch. The video is very structured and organized, how a training video / "How to" video should be, including step by step examples, some of which are even in slow motion. I especially liked the horseshoe progession ladder. I was impressed. I already know a thing or two about horseshoe bending and frankly I didn't think I was going to learn anything from watching it, but I was pleasantly surprised. That being said, "Hammering Horseshoes" is good for beginners through advanced and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to make a name in the bending community or even if you just want to show-off your horseshoe bending skills to family and friends. Five stars Mike and Jedd!"

Paul Knight, Texas
Steel Bending Legend

You Might be Wondering,
Why Should I Listen to Jedd and Mike?

There are a handful of very good reason why you should choose us as your mentors in practicing feats of strength.

We Love Doing Feats of Strength

Mike and I have been doing feats of strength for years and have enjoyed our journeys toward conquering our goals in the strength world.

We Have the Hands-on Knowledge and Coaching Experience

Sure, Mike and I have amassed some impressive accomplishments and certifications, but the way we like to measure our success is the number of people we have helped over the years

Mike and I have enjoyed helping others accomplish their goals with feats of strength just as much as we have enjoyed our own progress. Mike is a leader in the On-line Feats of Strength World, and I have worked with hundreds of people over the years through seminars and my own websites.

But probably the biggest reason why you should listen to us is...

We Worked our Way up Through Hard Work, Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Mike and I started out at the very bottom of the heap in bending. We struggled with the steel that other people would warm up with. None of our success came easy to us - we have had to work for everything we have accomplished.

For us, advancing up the ladder with feats of strength was difficult because there was almost no information available to guide us.

And now, we want to make the road ahead of you a bit easier to navigate, a bit less windy, with fewer dead-ends, potholes, and speed bumps.

That's why we put together this DVD.

It's Time to Become a Part of History

Bending has been a part of the Legacy of the Oldtime Strongman for ages.

Bending huge pieces of steel, horseshoes and hardened tools wow the crowds like no other, because they are not supposed to be bendable!

But why does it have to be just the guys up on stage bending these things?

Shouldn't it be YOU who starts mangling steel and twisting tools?

Anybody can do this IF they have the right knowledge of technique and Mike and I are going to show you everything you need to know!

Amagine how cool it is going to be the first time you bend something that for others is completely unbendable!

You are going to be a Strongman!

I hope you're ready to start destroying everything in your path.

All the best in your training!

Jedd Johnson
Grip Sport World Record Holder, Certified Red Nail Bender and Captain of Crush

P.S. You've Got My Unwaivering Guarantee that this DVD will get you started on the right track towards performing the Classic Braced Bending Feats!

P.P.S. There's absolutely NO RISK to you. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your DVD, simply return it within 60 days and I will refund your money completely.

P.P.P.S. Mike and I designed this disk for everyone, at all levels, and we want to help you learn these feats as well. Now, it's just a matter of clicking the yellow button below...