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Attention all those interested in Superior Strength...

Discover the Secrets to Gripper Training
that will improve your hand strength, grip endurance,
and increase performance in the rest of
your strength training and sporting endeavors.

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Dear Friend in Strength:

We all know how important it is to have strong hands.

The hands are our physical point of contact with the physical universe.

We use our hands to lift the bar in the deadlift, push it in the bench press, and support it in the curl.

Our hands are very important in sports like baseball, basketball, football, rugby, and tennis.

Hand strength also says a lot about a person.

When we shake hands with someone, if they give a firm, stout hand shake, we are more likely to trust them.

If they shake like a dead fish, we are more likely to doubt their abilities, discipline, and of course their strength and determination.

Being big and strong is something you can take pride in, but who wants to see a big strong person, with weak, dainty hands?

Having weak hands opens you up to injuries, like jammed fingers and pulled muscles.

Also, research has shown that grip strength serves as a good indicator of life expectancy and health.

Knowing the importance of hand strength is one thing; knowing HOW to build hand strength is something different altogether...

Enter the Hand Gripper

Hand Grippers are the most famous and alluring of all types of grip strength training devices.

Maybe the reason is because the concept of a gripper is simple and effective...

(1) Squeeze the gripper until the handles touch together.

(2) Open the handles back up.

(3) Repeat.

The simplicity of Grippers makes them popular for athletes, strength coaches, and strength enthusiasts alike.

Each year, thousands of people add Hand Grippers to their equipment arsenal in their journey toward World Class Hand Strength.

Some get grippers in order to one day become certified for closing the target gripper.

Others use them as a way to strengthen their hands for Strongman Competition, Powerlifting, or simply to be better equipped for strength and fitness in the weightroom.

Still others, get hand grippers simply as a way to test themselves against established standards.

Regardless of the reason for turning to gripper trainng, one thing remains true across the board...

Men and women want to improve their hand strength and they want to do it NOW!

Unfortunately, there has been very little information available on how to go about doing this the right way.

Because of this lack of information, even the most steadfast and dedicated strength enthusiasts end up getting frustrated.

The lack of solid training information can lead people to follow programs that are not right for them, resulting only in more frustration and wasted effort.

Trainees begin bouncing from one program to another, desperate to find something that works for them, wasting weeks, months, and years due to trial and error.

Even companies that market grippers produce propoganda and false information that can cloud the waters even further, making it even tougher for someone like you and me to know who to believe.

But the good news is, all of your frustrations about gripper training are about to come to an end, right now.

At last, everything you need to know in order to train with Grippers effectively is at your fingertips with this DVD: CRUSH! Total Gripper Domination.

Here is What You Will Discover
When You Pick Up CRUSH! Today:

This DVD is broken up into several detailed Modules covering everything you need to know in order to develop a strong crushing grip through Gripper Training.

Module 1 - Bulletproofing the Hands and Lower Arms

Nothing will set your Gripper training behind worse than having injuries. I will show you the Preventive Measures to do now in order to keep injuries away and keep the gains coming.
    Warm-up: I will cover how I go about warming up in order to make sure not only muscles and connective tissues are warm and ready to perform, but also the movements that get your nervous system primed and ready to put a hurting on grippers.

    Stretching: I will share with you the stretching movements I do between sets and what I do after workouts in order to speed recovery and prevent things like overuse and tendonitis.

    Strength Balance: You will see the exact movements I do in order to maintain balance throughout my lower arms so that my hands and fingers continue to get stronger.

Module 2 - Types of Grippers

Each year, more types of grippers appear on the market. It can be hard to decide which ones to get. I will help you sort all of this out...
    Introduction to Grippers: From Torsion Spring Grippers, like the Captains of Crush, Heavy Grips and Beef Builder Grippers, to Adjustable Coil Spring Grippers like the Vulcan Gripper, V2, or the Ivanko Super Gripper, there are many options available for Gripper Training these days.

    The Best Grippers?: I will show you many of these styles of grippers and I will show you the ones that I feel are the best ones to use in your training.

    Variety in Gripper Training?: I will also show you the different styles of Grippers that cross-over well to one another, and the ones that do very little to help with other styles of Grippers.

Module 3 - Gripper Training Basics Everyone MUST Know

Gripper Trining is just like any other sporting event. There are basics and fundamentals that must be understood before moving on to advanced training. In this section i will quickly bring you up to speed with a Gripper Training Primer that will cover the following:
    Terminology: Like any sport or discipline, Gripper Training entails specialized vocabilary that is important to understand in order to accel. I will clear all of this up to you right away so you can move forward in the training with confidence.

    Gripper Techniques: Just like in sports such as basketball, football, baseball, and soccer, the fundamentals must be learned first. With that said, the single most crucial factor in Gripper success is learning proper set mechanics. Once you have this right, you can instantly jump up one level on a Gripper.

    Gripper Related Equipment: In this section I show you some of the commonly used equipment in Gripper Training, including setting cards, blocks, and chokers.

Module 4 - Supplementary Training: Strength from Start to Finish

Closing a Gripper requires you to move the handles through three stages: the Set, the Sweep, and the Finish. When you watch this module, you will discover how to build strength through all three of these individual parts of the close.
    Improving the Set: I will show you how to improve your set, including how you can instantly use to gain an automatic improvement on your grippers without any additional training.

    Improving the Sweep: After you see what I have planned for you, you will never fear a gripper with a wide handle set again. All you will be thinking is "BRING IT ON!"

    Improving the Finish: I will show you how to take conventional strap holds to another level, which means finishing off the last few millimeters will become even easier for you.

Module 5 - Supplementary Training: Addressing Weaknesses

Many trainees do not realize the role that individual parts of the hand can have in closing Grippers. In this section you will understand why each part of the hand is important and how to make them strong and powerful.
    Thumb Weaknesses: You will discover the role the thumb plays in the Gripper close, and ways to effectively turn your thumb from a liability to an asset perfect for Gripper Closing.

    Last Two Finger Training: You will understand how important the last two fingers are to the gripper close, as well as how to train them to be ready to finish the last few millimeters of the close.

    Using Equipment Other Than Grippers: Don't have a lot of Grippers in your collection? No problem - I will show you how to use other items in order to bring up your hand strength. From items commonly found in a gym, to home made pieces that you can whip up in no time, you will understand how to use other devices to turn your hands into crushing weapons.

Module 6 - Advanced Training Techniques

Once you have developed a strong foundation in Gripper training, you may want to challenge yourself even further. In this section, you will learn ways to take your Gripper work to the next level in order to develop upper levels of crushing grip strength.
    Integration Training: You will learn ways that Grippers can be paired with basic movements such as Deadlifts and Swings in order to turn them into highly effective grip training movements as well.

    Gripper Modifications: You will learn how you can easily modify your grippers in order to more specifically train toward accomplishing elite goals, such as certifying on the IronMind Grippers.

    Pulling from Other Strength Disiciplines: In this section you will see how you can take principles originally established in other types of strength training and apply them to your gripper training. HINT: Bodybuilding and Powerlifting concepts cross over VERY WELL to Gripper Training.

Module 7 - Other Important Gripper Training Concepts

In this section I will cover with you additional concepts you can start building into your training to accelerate your progress and strength gains. These are concepts that are often skipped, missed, or ignored by new Gripper trainees.
    Your Gripper Collection: In this section, you will understand how to assess your current Gripper collection and then decide whether it is necessary for you to make some additions.

    Dealing with Failure: When it comes to Gripper training, you must know how to train and deal with failure. Soon you will know what to look for in your misses and how to turn them into future successes.

    Mental Approach: The way you think about your training and how you approach your attempts have a tremendous effect on your success. I will tell you about ho to develop your mindset in order to accomplish your goals more quickly.

Module 8 - BONUS Gripper Training Program

During the Spring and Summer of 2011, I developed a Gripper Training program that produced more "Personal Records" for me than anything I have ever tried. Up to this point, I have showed this Gripper Training Program only to my On-line Coaching Clients and V.I.P. Customers, and it has gotten overwhelmingly positive reviews. This Program is completely free when you pick up CRUSH today. You'll learn:
    Volume: You'll discover that the volume of Gripper attempts you should do each day of training should be based entirely on how you are performing that day. Volume continues and adjusts based upon how you perform on that day.

    Load & Intensity: You will understand the importance of working near your 1 Rem Maximum and you will understand when it is time to drop down away from it in order to continually be making gains and setting the bar higher.

    Application: I filmed one of my own workouts on the program and you will see exactly how I put the program into action in order to bring about 3, 4, 5 or even sometimes more new Personal Bests per workout.

Module 9 - BONUS Gripper Strength Rating System Demonstration

I will take you through the Gripper Strength Rating Process on one of my Grippers in order to show you how Grippers are rated in Grip Sport. This is a very interesting process and will serve to educate you on real, tangible, numeric classifications for Gripper Strength Levels.

Module 10 - BONUS Top 10 Gripper Training Mistakes

You will discuover the 10 Key Errors you might be making in your current gripper training routine that could be the biggest reasons you are not progressing the way you would like to with your grippers.

Module 11 - BONUS Top 3 Gripper Training Myths

The information that is readily available on the internet is riddled with Myths and False Login passed down through the generations and from training partner to training partner. I am going to clear up the 3 biggest myths that have caused problems and frustration for Gripper Trainees for the last 10 years I have been involved (and have probably been around even longer than that).

All of This Game-Changing Information
Can Be Yours TODAY!

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Streaming Video: $37                                                     Hard Copy: $49 + S&H

Expert Reviews

"Amazing DVD"

"This is an amazing DVD. I wish I had all this knowledge at hand when I started training grippers. I'll be implementing some of these techniques into my current training as well."

Andrew Durniat

"Encyclopedia of Gripper Training"

"This is the encyclopedia of gripper training. Nowhere else will you find this quantity or quality of information. Have a weakness in your gripper training? Jedd will give you at least three different methods to fix it. Want more variations to use with just your standard gripper? You’ll find them here. If you want to close the number 3 gripper or compete in Grip grab this video today and you'll be well on your way."

Logan Christopher

"Shocked at the Amount of Knowledge"

"When I got the gripper DVD, I honestly did not think I would learn all that much. I should have known better because I always have learned from your information in the past and this was no different. I was shocked at the amount of knowledge you packed in this DVD about grippers and the training information is priceless. If someone likes to train with grippers they would be stupid not to pick up this DVD. Excellent job buddy, you did it again."

Jerry Shreck

Other Benefits You Will Discover
When You Pick Up This Video

  • How even if you have small hands you can still do well on Grippers.

  • How you can use your torso to increase your Gripper Power RIGHT AWAY.

  • How to attack your weaknesses, make them your strengths, and move up in Gripper strength quickly.

  • How to avoid stagnation and frustration by keeping your Gripper Training fresh and exciting.

  • How having only a small Gripper Collection can lead to closing big grippers.

  • How you can build some of your own equipment using tools and objects laying around your house or that you can buy at Walmart to strengthen your hands for bigger gripper closes.

  • I will show you how you can modify a Gripper so that you can change its strength level, in effect turning one Gripper into three or even four!

  • You will learn how you can make the legs of the gripper longer so that you can get more leverage on the handles and help you work through sticking points (I have never seen ANYONE else do this, but me!)

  • You will learn about simple tools found at the hardware store that can help you develop crushing strength that is downright scary!

  • You will be able to identify factor about different grippers that are indicators of which ones will be more difficult to close and which are more easy to close.

  • You will understand the certifications that are out there for grippers and the requirements for each of them.

  • It will be clear to you how important it is to work the thumb for a stronger close and how to do it the right way.

  • You will see how to avoid imbalances by strengthening your hands and lower arms from all angles.

  • You will learn how to train SMART and keep your hands nimble and flexible so that you can recover more quickly from intense workouts and stay in the game longer than others who refuse to listen to their bodies and who insist upon using the “No Pain, No Gain” philosophy.

Streaming On-line Version
Hard Copy Version







Streaming Video: $37                                                     Hard Copy: $49 + S&H

And all of this information can be yours within a matter of minutes once you click the button below, put in your credit card information, and view your videos right at your computer.

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Are You Ready to Dramatically Improve Your Performance on Grippers?

Back in 2002 when I first found out about Grippers there was very little information available on how to train, and for the most part, you've got to comb through message boards in order to find.

Do you really have all the extra time in your life to research for months and months on how to train with Grippers? Wouldn't you rather just sit down for 2 hours and find out all of the MUST-KNOW INFORMATION today?

This DVD will dramatically cut down the learning curve for your Gripper Training. In jut a matter of hours, you will learn what took me months to understand.

And at the price of one Hand Gripper plus Shipping, isn't this really just a No-Brainer?
Streaming On-line Version
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Streaming Video: $37                                                     Hard Copy: $49 + S&H

Common Questions about this DVD

What Types of Grippers are Covered in this DVD?

The three main types of Grippers on the market today are shown in this DVD: Torsion Spring Grippers, such as those sold by IronMind, Heavy Grips, and other nutcracker style grippers. In addition the Vulcan and V2 grippers are shown at length, and the Ivanko Super Gripper is highlighted as well.

In the past I have had trouble positioning the Gripper. Will I be shown how to hold it properly?

Definitely! I go into a great amount of detail in order to cover this important aspect properly. I actually show 5 different versions of how to set the gripper and I cover how you should go about using the gripper depending on your particluar training goals.

When I Upgrade to the Hard Copy DVD, will I be able to play it in my player if I am not from the United States?

Absolutely. The company I use for my DVD Production prints non-regional DVD's, meaning they will play all over the world.

Streaming On-line Version
Hard Copy Version







Streaming Video: $37                                                     Hard Copy: $49 + S&H

So...What Are You Waiting For?

At this point, if you are still reading and you have not ordered yet, then you must be concerned about the price.

That is understandable because money does not grow on trees, and there are many things you have to spend your money on, but think about this for a minute.

I have been training with Grippers and producing high quality on-line products since 2005. My reputation in the Grip Community and the On-line sales community is exemplary in both areas. With this in mind, I offer 100% confidently a 60-day Money Back Guarantee if my video does not deliver.

If money is not the case, then maybe you are thinking that you can just learn everything you need to know about Grippers yourself, that you don't need to buy a video to help you do it.

I used to think the same way, my friend. I used to think that I would just figure out everything about Grip myself. I even used to think I knew everything I needed to.

I continued to think that way until I started seeing brand new athletes to the sport, practically newbies, blowing me away on Grippers!

The differences wasn't effort. It wasn't monetary resources. They didn't have a bunch of extra equipment that I didn't have.

The difference was, they had better information. They had bought courses and trained with other knowledgable people, and learned things along the way that I did not.

Knowledge was the main thing they had over me, and I would have been willing to pay hundreds in order to bring my numbers up to match those guys, once I realized why they are beating me.

My point is this. You may be able to develop fantastic crushing grip strength on your own, but wouldn't it be so much cooler to do it SOONER rather than LATER?

Don't be that guy.

The information I have gathered over the years and compiled into the Definitive Product on Gripper Training, can be yours to dig into, devour, and put into action RIGHT NOW, and I am all yours for the next 30 days if you have any questions.

Streaming On-line Version
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Streaming Video: $37                                                     Hard Copy: $49 + S&H

I look forward to helping you accomplish your gripper training goals!

All the best in your training,

- Jedd -

P.S.: Remember, Gripper Training is one of the most enjoyable and popular forms of Grip training, and it is beneficial for anyone interested in increasing their strength and performance. I want to help you conquer your Gripper goals while also improving in other areas of strength and sports while staying injury free the whole time. That is exactly what this DVD is all about.

P.P.S.: If you would rather just learn things by trial and error, or if you think you are already strong and powerful enough to dominate against everyone else, then this DVD is not for you. However, if you know that there is always room for improvement in your game, then click the yellow button above

Questions about this product? Please feel free to contact Jedd Johnson