8" Wrench Pen Holder

Horseshoe Bent into Heart Shape

Very functional desktop pen holder and great conversation piece. Mike Rinderle Bends every wrench by hand and each one is unique. $24.95 + S&H

Horseshoe Heart

Wrench Pen Holder

Great conversation piece or momento for any sporting occasion. Mike Rinderle bends every shoe by hand and each one is unique. - $19.95 + S&H

Red Painted Horseshoe Heart

Loadable Dumbbell

These make a great gift for Valentine's Day, or anytime you just want to say I love you with a very cool gift. Mike Rinderle bends and paints every shoe by hand and each one is unique. $24.95 + S&H

Double Shoe Bend

Two Horseshoes Bent Together

Two St. Croix Forge Ulta-lite #2's bent at the same time by "The Beast in the East" Mike Rinderle. $24.95 + S/H.

St. Croix Forge Plain Regular #3

St. Corix Plain Regular Number 3

A piece of history. Only 3 men have ever successfully bent this shoe under certification conditions. This is the actual shoe Mike Rinderle certed on. Only David Wigren has bent a harder shoe in singles under cert conditions. $39.95 + S&H

Diamond Special #5

The Diamond Special 5. One of the largest horseshoes ever bent by human hands. Well over a foot long when bent into an S shape! The first of the "Elite" shoes.This huge shoe will look great on any wall! $24.95 + S/H.

Horseshoe Paper Clip

Paper Clip Horseshoe

A great paper weight and even better conversation piece. Mike Rinderle bends every shoe into a paper clip shape by hand and each one is unique. - $23.95 + S&H