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Outlaw Strength Coach teams up with one of the biggest STEEL BENDING BAD ASSES on the planet to bring you the DVD that will show you how to mangle objects which were never meant to be bent by human hands...

Dear Fellow Strength Enthusiast:

Have you ever watched someone bend a horseshoe and said to yourself, WOW – that looks AWESOME - I Want to DO THAT!

Until now, the secrets to performing other-worldly feats of strength, like bending horse shoes, have been closely guarded.

Until now, you would have to work for months of frustrating trial and error to learn how to bend horseshoes.

Until now, there was no resource to show you how to get started with horseshoe bending.

But now all that has changed!

Now YOU can learn how to take perfectly good horseshoes and straighten them into flattened S's and twisted heart shapes.

Horseshoe Bending has always been one of the most impressive strongman feats of strength.

No other feat astonished a crowd like seeing a heat-treated horseshoe being bent like a paper clip.

Horseshoe Bending is a timeless strongman feat that people can relate to like no other.

Have you ever wished that you could warp a horseshoe with relative ease?

Or have you tried and tried to bend one and just couldn't?

Do you ever wish that you too could bend huge horseshoes like the greatest of strongmen?

Well... now you can!

In fact, we will have you bending horseshoes within a week!

We will show you the techniques and training methods to blow your current personal bests out of the water, as if the Mighty Atom was right there whispering the step-by-step instructions into your ear.

I know what you are thinking…

You're thinking this all sounds too good to be true…

You're thinking how can I learn to bend a horseshoe in just seven days?

You're thinking how can these guys possibly help me improve like this?

The truth is this all of this is 100% fact!

You see, success in Bending Horseshoes is based on 3 Things:

    1. Having the right shoes to bend and the material to protect yourself from injury

    2. The strength and endurance to get the bend started and to work your way through to the finish

    3. The right technique to make sure you maximize the strength you already have that is being driven into the shoe

And guess which of these 3 KEY FACTORS is the most important of them all?


I have worked with great shoe benders all over the world to collect their secret techniques for bending ridiculously hard shoes, and I’m going to show them all to you.

And believe me when I tell you that TECHNIQUE IS PARAMOUNT when it comes to bending shoes!

I bet you're thinking...

I bet you're wondering why I am sharing this treasure trove of information with you?

Here are the facts - I have gotten literally dozens of questions from strongmen, grip athletes, steel benders, and strength athletes over the years asking me about bending horseshoes.

And do you know what I found when I went to research it?


That's right, nada, zilch, zip, nothing!

There is not a single resource out there that teaches all the techniques needed to bend horseshoes successfully.

Sure, there are videos on the internet of people bending shoes, but nothing that goes into the intricate details on all the technique needed to be a successful shoe bender.

And sure, there are forums dedicated to this kind of strength training, but who has the time these days to go hunt through message boards for the answers you need?

Now, all of the KEY INFORMATION YOU NEED in order to get started bending horseshoes and to rack up years of horseshoe domination is here, at your fingertips.

Just $49 + Shipping/Handling Charges

DVD's are generally shipped within 24 to 48 hours.

But you might be wondering, "Who the hell are these guys and how do they know so much about Horseshoe Bending?"

Allow us to introduce ourselves…

The 2010 United States Grip Sport Champion, I have been studying grip strength development and performing feats of strength since 2002.

I have coached thousands of extreme strength aficionados like yourself to develop grip strength and to perform feats of strength. Nothing satisfies me more than helping someone else accomplish their goals.

Mike has been bending for only about 2 years but in that time has become one of the top steel benders in the world, winning the first ever Beast in the East Steel Bending Championship and beating some of the top benders in the nation in a multi-discipline competition.

Mike sealed the victory by easily bending a monster horseshoe and taking the title of the first U.S. Steel Bending Champion.

Mike and I are huge fans of the classic feats of strength. We have trained with and learned from some of the best in the world, such as The Human Vise, Pat Povilaitis, David Wigren, and Dave Whitley.

After gathering tips, diagrams, and instruction from some of the best horseshoe benders in the world, Mike and I hit the Diesel Garage and shot over 5 hours of horseshoe destruction and instruction!

I then cut it down to only the most important, most relevant, most cutting-edge information and wrapped it up into 90+ minutes of pure content.

In any endeavor there are always the pioneers who have led the way and inspired the hundreds and thousands to follow, so Mike and I started out this DVD by saluting three individuals who have personally helped us.

You have to know where to start and the steps to take to get to your goal destination in horse shoe bending. We are going to take all of the guess work out of it for you and show you 12 different kinds of shoes that are readily available that you can pick up in order to improve your bending abilities.

Horseshoe bending is too awesome and too beneficial to be hurt. With that in mind, we show you some of our go-to moves for getting warmed up so that you can bend with confidence and even do it multiple times a week while taking nothing away from your current workout routine.

We know that you have many strength training goals aside from horseshoe bending, so we will show you the materials used to wrap with to avoid hand injuries, how to go from one shoe to the next with our quick re-wrap method, as well as a secret way to wrap the shoe in order to get the tightest bite on the horseshoe as possible, increasing your horseshoe bending potential.

Most top level horseshoe benders use some sort of padding when they bend due to the volume. Beginners should use padding as well, in order to help condition the leg to the forces of bending as well as to keep downtime between bending sessions to a minimum.

We will walk you step-by-step through the process of a horseshoe bend, going through everything at a manageable pace so that you can soak up all of the information on horseshoe technique like a sponge and then put it all into action as we go. We even include slow motion re-caps of the integral parts of the bend so that you don’t miss a thing along the way.

In this section we go over the four main stages of any horseshoe bend. They are:

    The Kink – This is the initial portion of the bend. The stronger your kink, the less work you have to do throughout the rest of the shoe bend. We’ll show you proper shoe placement against your thigh, hand placement, and joint angles that will have you opening horseshoes quicker than Popeye can open a can of spinach.

    The Sweep – This is the transitional stage of the bend where we move the shoe from the side of the thigh to the top and start opening it even more, further showing it who is the boss. This part is where you start to build triceps that will make a bodybuilder jealous. It's also where a lot of horseshoes will stop you dead in your tracks. We will show you how to power through the sticking points.

    The Crush – This is the part of the bend where the horseshoe gets flattened like it was run over by a steam roller. This one takes even more triceps and shoulder strength, but we’ll also show you how you can use your core strength and leverage to work through this stage while also keeping a straight face, like an innocent man, wrongfully accused of weakness.

    The Leg Crush / Heart – This is where you make the bend most memorable to your friends, family, and audience you bend for. We’ll show you how to take the shoe past 100 degrees and turn it in on itself. The farriers and blacksmiths in your area will be asking you to work for them on the weekends due to your unbelievable horseshoe dominating power!

Without a doubt, the best way to get good at horseshoe bending is by bending shoes. There’s just simply no other way to become a good horseshoe bender. However, we picked out the High Impact Exercises you can start using right now for maximum Grip and Full Body Strength gains! Your friends are going to wonder what supplements you're taking and how they can get in on some of the action.

I’ll also let you in on a little secret... I needed these secret technique tips as much as you do. Even with all the grip competitions I’ve won and steel I have bent, I have never been very good at bending horseshoes.

Until now that is...

With just the information I got from Mike's Technique demonstration (fresh off his win at the Beast in the East Steel Bending Competition), I was able to make amazing progress. In a matter of an hour, I went from struggling to bend a moderate level shoe to 90-degrees to being able to crush it to nearly 180-degrees. This was all from just putting his advice into action!

With this level of improvement I was able to make in such a short time, I know you will too once you pick up this DVD today!!!

I wanted to make this an abdsolute no-brainer for you, so I packed an unparalleled amount of information into this DVD in order to maximize the value to YOU!

I combed through the archives of my years and years of footage and found the very first legitimate horseshoe I ever bent. The most important thing about this is that I am being coached by another excellent horseshoe bender and performing strongman, Dan Cendioza! You'll be amazed at just how similar the instruction from Dan is to that from Mike, even though both came from completely separate schools and backgrounds in horseshoe bending.

I scoured YouTube and I downloaded all of Mike's most important horseshoe bends so you can see just how far he has come, how he has consistently improved his technique and how he has continued to climb the ladder of horseshoe bending success!

I took stills sent to us by "The Horseshoe Destroyer," David Wigren and recorded a concise video so you can compare this master horseshoe bender's technique against your own in order to best put what you learn into action.

For some of you, this may be the first time you have ever heard of Horseshoe Bending, and you may be wondering why someone would even want to do this.

There are many benefits to bending shoes and I wanted desperately for people to be able to take advantage of this great exercise, so the idea for this video was born.

Conquering the Impossible: Horseshoes are made to be durable and resist wear, so to be able to straighten them and tie them into a knot, it's as if you are defeating the undefeatable enemy!

Excellent Core Strength Builder: While the hands, and arms are extremely important for horseshoe bending, the level of core strength needed to bend horseshoes is unparalleled by other strength feats.

Horseshoes Build Horseshoes on Your Arms: The straining and dynamic effort associated with horseshoe bending can’t be beat, even by the most rigorous of conventional bench pressing programs or the most demanding bodybuilding routines.

Builds Character and Mental Toughness: Horseshoe Bending takes hard work, dedication, a strong will, and a remarkable heart. You have to be able to deal with struggle and with failure, but the feeling you get when you bend that next level of shoe for the first time is indescribable.

Incredible Grip and Wrist Strength: It was once an accepted belief that Bending would take away from your Grip Strength, but Mike Rinderle totally blew that myth out of the water coming just millimeters away from crushing a #3.5 gripper after more than a year away from grip training. He did this by focusing on bending alone!

Chicks dig it: Just imagine how impressive it will be to the girls in your class or the ladies in the office when you wrap up a horseshoe and bend it right before their eyes. Horseshoes bent into a heart shape are second only to chocolate as a gift on Valentine’s Day!

Tendon Strength: Horseshoe bending requires high tension throughout the body, and with this comes tendon strength, the kind of strength that will set you apart from others at the gym and will keep you injury-resistent in your workouts.

  • What shoes are right for beginners to start with in order to hone their technique

  • What makes a shoe easier, harder, etc.

  • Where to get shoes

  • A large progression of shoes showing what are considered, beginner, intermediate, expert, and elite shoes

  • Different parts of a horseshoe

  • Small shoes vs. large shoes

  • A huge wrapping secret that alone could mean the difference between successfully bending a shoe and not bending it

  • How to wrap and what material to use

  • The importance of wrap direction

  • How to save time and speed as you wrap your shoes

  • Wraps used for popular certifications

  • Different types of padding that can be used

  • How to train more often and with more volume by using the correct padding

  • The secret motorcycle technique that will allow you keep the shoe in the correct position to impart maximum force

  • Straight arm vs. bent

  • Using your core to drive into the shoe.

  • Posting vs. pulling (advantages and disadvantages of each)

  • Where to place the shoe on your leg to lock it into place

  • How far do you need to kink the shoe

  • Why proper hip drive can result in the biggest kink

  • Old School vs. New School Techniques for the Sweep and Crush (A.K.A - the Milfeld Method)

  • How to position your hands to direct the force and “open” the shoe vs. just pushing on it.

  • The “secret V” that will allow you to open up your goal shoe

  • The importance of using your entire body to knock the shoe into submission

  • Hand and wrist movement that doubles your sweep strength

  • What constitutes a legally bent shoe

  • Why your leg position and how you use your lower body could make all the difference in your shoe bending

  • How to hold the shoe to get the best leverage

  • How to recover off-center bends

Just $49 + Shipping/Handling Charges

DVD's are generally shipped within 24 to 48 hours.

We Know that this DVD is Going to Help You Out BIG TIME.
But don't take our word for it!

Check out what other people had to say about Hammering Horseshoes:

"You Guys Outdid Yourselves!"

"You guys out did yourselves with this DVD. I've done some shoes in the past with the technique of "outlasting" the darn things and trying so many different ways that finally one of them worked. I just did two shoes in a row with no apparent effort compared to what I did before (easy ones of course). As usual it's the little things - not the big obvious ones I was missing. It's the difference between having some technique and being too stubborn to quit. I have a long way to go of course before I'd call myself a shoe bender but I'm started (somewhat) correctly now anyway. Thanks Mike!"

Chris Rice, Ohio
Seasoned Steel Bender

"Quality Training Material"

"Thanks to Mike Rinderle & Jedd Johnson ... I have been trying to bend horseshoes for several years without success, until my wife got me the ultimate shoe bending DVD for Christmas 2011! GOD Bless Napalm & Beast from the East for putting out quality training materials!! You fellas rock."

Jeff Bankens, Louisiana
Performing Minestry Strongman

"It Was Awesome!"

"Hi Jedd, I received the Hammering Horseshoes DVD from you today, and it was awesome! It made me really want to start train with those horseshoes."

Karl M. Skjelvik, Norway
Grip and Bending Enthusiast

"Enthusiastically Recommended"

"Mike and Jedd have managed to condense the knowledge that would normally take years of potentially dangerous trial and error training, into a concise and entertaining video package. I enthusiastically recommend this comprehensive tutorial for anyone interested in pursuing the rewarding and richly historical pursuit of bending horseshoes with your bare hands!"

Eric Milfeld, Texas
Leader in Various Bending Styles

"How a 'How-To' Video Should Be"

"Bravo! Hammering Horseshoes was a pleasure to watch. The video is very structured and organized, how a training video / "How to" video should be, including step by step examples, some of which are even in slow motion. I especially liked the horseshoe progession ladder. I was impressed. I already know a thing or two about horseshoe bending and frankly I didn't think I was going to learn anything from watching it, but I was pleasantly surprised. That being said, "Hammering Horseshoes" is good for beginners through advanced and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to make a name in the bending community or even if you just want to show-off your horseshoe bending skills to family and friends. Five stars Mike and Jedd!"

Paul Knight, Texas
Steel Bending Legend

"No Doubt I Will Be Doing Tougher Shoes Soon - Awesome Product"

"Jedd, I just wanted to give you a little feedback on the DVD. I have been interested in horseshoes for a while but really had no direction. When I heard that the dvd was coming out I figured that I would kind of see where I was at right now with no training or technique work. At that time I wasn’t able to get a SCF Pony to 180, barely got it to 90. I didn’t think that it could be a strength issue since I am in no way a newbie when it comes to strength or grip training. So, Wednesday my copy came in the mail, I watched it and went outside literally right away and was able to blast through a SCF Ultra Lite 2 and a Pony 2 both past 180. I could tell that my strength wasn’t challenged really in either attempt but I didn’t want to over do it. I have no doubt I will be doing even tougher shoes soon. I just wanted to say thanks to you and Mike for putting out an awesome product. The instruction and tips were incredible. I don’t see how someone could watch this video and not be able to bend at least a novice shoe right away. Every time you make a new product it always goes beyond my expectations."

Thanks again,

Chase Scott, Radford, VA
Steel Bending Enthusiast

I hope you're ready to cause severe damage to the next horseshoe you come across.

All the best in your training!

Jedd Johnson
Grip Sport World Record Holder, Certified Red Nail Bender and Captain of Crush

P.S. You've Got My Steadfast Guarantee that this DVD will show you how to bend a horseshoe in one week or less! And if you are already bending horseshoes, we will show you the techniques needed to bend the hardest shoes out there!

P.P.S. There's absolutely NO RISK to you. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your DVD, simply return it within 60 days and I will refund your money completely.

Just $49 + Shipping/Handling Charges

DVD's are generally shipped within 24 to 48 hours.