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blob lifting training methods

They all laughed when this teenager with tiny hands said he would lift the Blob, until they watched him do it with their very own eyes!

Discover how a 5' 5", 17-year-old KID
with small hands and no experience
defied the odds and lifted the Blob
after only 5 weeks of training.

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In 2005, a kid named Brad sent me an email.

It went like this...

"Dear Mr. Johnson,

I am writing to see if I can come train with you some time. I train at my house
and have a gym membership right now. That is cool and all, but I want to find out
more about Grip Training. I especially want to try to lift the Blob.

I have seen some of your videos on your website, and it looks awesome. Unfortunately, I don't have any of the cool grip training tools, and of course my gym doesn't either.
I really have no idea what I am doing, so I was hoping to learn from someone like you.


Brad Martin"

As I look back now, it is funny to think of him calling me "Mr. Johnson," but since he was such a polite kid, I told him Yes, and we scheduled a workout for the near future.

When we met up, he wasted no time. He bounced all around the room trying to lift every Grip Challenge item I had, and trying to lift the Blob over and over.

I could tell he was excited to finally get his hands on everything, but I also noticed he had ONE MAJOR PROBLEM.

His hands were TINY, the death sentence for most Grip guys.

I couldn't think of anyone with hands that small who had ever lifted the Blob.

He must have tried to lift the Blob at least 20 times during that workout.

He just kept staring at it between sets, re-chalking his hands and going back over to try to lift it again.

Having small hands would have made most people give up on setting any kind of respectable Grip goals, but Brad wasn't willing to do that.

Instead, he decided right then and there that one day he WAS going to lift the Blob.

His small hands weren't all he had going against him.

Brad was a complete newbie. He had no knowledge about how to train his Grip, and he had ZERO specialty grip equipment - no grippers, no block weights, no thick-handled dumbbells - NOTHING.

But again, Brad didn't let this lack of experience and equipment stop him.

Instead, he trained on other implements. He got himself a set of 5 beat up, ratty-looking, 10-lb plates off some kid he knew in school. With these, he could practice wide pinching, a type of strength that was an absolute MUST in order to be able to lift the Blob.

He made himself a thick-handled loadable dumbbell out of duct tape and PVC pipe. After a couple of weeks, it looked like it had been through hell, all covered with dust bunnies, but he used it to strengthen his hands by doing Rows, Curls, and Cleans.

For Brad, the name of the game was consistency. He trained his Grip in some way every single time he trained.

Week after week, whether he did lifts specifically designed to isolate his grip, or if he switched out implements to make full-body exercises hit his Grip harder, he was building his finger and thumb strength...

...All with the intentions of one day lifting the Blob.

Every weekend, we would get together, and he would try to lift the Blob again.

And every weekend he would fail.

But this kid was tenacious. He would not give up. He just kept on waging battles with the Blob time and time again.

Like Rocky Balboa, he wouldn't stay down for the count, he just kept on getting back up, wanting to keep on fighting.

Sometimes when he tried to lift the Blob, he'd chalk up his hands and then have me slap his back to wake him up.

Other times, I'd scream, "Let's Go Brotherrrrr!" in his face just before he went for the attempt.

But, time after time, he would miss. I could see the anguish in his eyes, wanting something so bad but still not being able to do it.

And yet, through all of the disappointment of missing, he kept trudging forward.

Even though Brad trained hard, I've got to say he also trained wisely.

He put in solid work, but never went too far.

With hands as small as his, it can be really easy to strain the thumb joint, and he stayed injury-free because he kept a close eye on how much volume he was doing with the Blob.

Another thing to his benefit was that Brad was coachable. He took pointers and put them into action.

I remember during his 3rd time training on the Blob at my gym, on a hunch, I showed him a slightly different way to place his hand on the Blob, thinking it might allow him to emphasize the strongest fingers on his hand a bit more.

And it did!

That one tip about shifting his hand on the Blob allowed him to break it off the ground for the first time.

Later on, I'll tell you how you can find out about this subtle change to your grip...

That's when the light in Brad's eye turned into a FIRE.

To break this giant piece of cast iron off the ground with those small hands gave him a huge amount of confidence.

The training he was doing with the make-shift equipment at home was paying off.

Now, it was all about developing the endurance to hold the Blob from the instant it released from the ground to the fully locked-out position.

So, the next time Brad came by, I had him start doing specific Blob Drills.

Some of these drills probably didn't make much sense to Brad at the time...

...and they might not make sense to you either at first when I share them with you...

Our whole 4th workout together was nothing but a bunch of drills with the Blob itself.

...and then it happened.

Brad came down for the 5th time, and I witnessed something that a month before I never thought I'd see.

Brad chalked up his hands, chalked up the Blob, and he pulled it not only to the standing lockout position, but he even did a little bit of a High Pull with it.

The weeks of frustration were totally erased, and he jumped up into the air like he had just scored a winning touchdown, pumping his hands over and over.


Without a doubt, this was the best celebration
of a new Personal Record I have ever seen

Brad had defied all the odds, having hands less than 7.5 inches long, and still being able to not just lift the Blob, but to DOMINATE it.

Shaking his hand that day, it no longer felt small - it felt STRONG.

I was glad that Brad had contacted me about getting together. I knew it wouldn't be long until Brad was doing other great feats of Grip Strength.

And, I KNOW that you can do them, too, starting with Lifting the Blob.

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I can't wait to share with you the same tips I passed on to Brad. It all starts with "Lift the Blob."

Check out what you're about to learn
in "Lift the Blob:"

Blob Lifting Technique

Just like a Squat or a Clean-and-Jerk, Blob Lifting requires proper technique. Don't let anyone fool you about this.

In this section, you'll learn the proper way to apply your grip so that you get the best lock on the Blob possible.

In fact, you might already have the strength to lift the Blob, but you can't apply it because you don't know this technique. This one, single section, could be the only thing you need to learn in order to lift the Blob.

BOTTOM LINE: If you don't learn the right way to grip the Blob, you might NEVER lift it, no matter how STRONG your hands are.

You will also learn how the strength of your lats and chest can be transferred down your arm in order to give you a few extra pounds of pressure to apply to the Blob.

Plus, you will learn how to position the Blob when you try to lift it so that you maximize your mechanical advantage.

Step by step, you will learn how to optimize everything from your feet to your hands so you can be as efficient as possible when trying to lift the Blob.

Blob Training Methods

Lifting the Blob requires wide pinch grip strength.

This is a type of strength that few other types of training will develop.

Many people are unable to lift the Blob because they don't know the methods that develop this kind of wide-open pinch grip strength.

You are about to learn all of the best techniques for developing wide pinching grip strength.

Here are a few examples of methods that build Blob Lifting Strength...

Method 1: Isometric Training

Isometrics are methods that involve no movement. They allow you to get your hands used to working in wide-open pinching positions.

Because Isometrics don't involve movement, they cause less breakdown of your tissue.

As a result, you will be able to do more productive work, helping you lift the Blob quicker and without as much soreness.

Isometrics will help you convert your current Grip Strength levels into Blob-specific strength.

Method 2: De-loading Techniques

De-loading involves training with the Blob or target Block Weight, but there is some sort of assistance to help you lift it.

You will learn my 2 main De-loading Techniques that will help you build the strength to lift the Blob and bigger Block Weights.

Both of these devices are easy to put together, cost very little, and you might already have all the materials to make them in your gym or garage already.

With these de-load assistance methods, you will steadily get stronger and you will soon be able to lift the Blob all by yourself.

Method 3: Light Blob Drills

Maybe you currently only have a lighter Blob - something under 50-lbs, like a half 80 or 90.


You will learn 3 different ways to add weight to your lighter Blob and Block Weights in order to increase your pinch grip strength.

This gets your hands more familiar with the positions of Blob Lifting and when you do cross paths with the Blob, you can show it who's boss.

Once you read this section, you'll learn many different techniques that you can try.

Then, you can test them, see what works best for you, and you can put your focus there, helping you accomplish your goal even quicker.

Blob Specific Drills

If you have a Blob, but haven't lifted it yet, get ready to pull that thing off the floor with authority.

In this section, I will show you 6 different ways you can train on your Blob to accelerate your gains.

Many of these techniques involve Time Under Tension. When all you do is try to pick the Blob off the ground, and fail, that does nothing for you but hurt your confidence and wipe out your Central Nervous System.

Stop doing that and start doing these Blob-specific drills I am about to show you so you can Slay the Blob Beast in record time, and get bragging rights against your on-line friends and training partners.

Non-Blob Drills

By now, you know that you don't need to own a Blob in order to develop the strength to lift one.

Like you learned before, Brad Martin did the majority of his training without a Blob, using crude, home made equipment.

You are about to learn the same techniques, plus 4 others, that you can do at your house or in your garage gym, without spending a ton of money on equipment or adding a bunch of clutter to your small training space.

Also, if you are looking to invest further in your training, you will learn about the 2 best Blob training tools that are available.

You will see why they are the best options and how to train with them in order to get the best carryover to Blob and Block Weight Lifting.

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When you pick up this ebook, you will be introduced to many new ways of training in order to develop the kind of strength you need in order to lift the Blob.

These include the same drills that Brad used to lift the Blob, plus, I've added many more techniques I've developed since then.

So, you might be wondering...

What's the Best Way to Use All This Information?

The answer: An 8-Week Blob Training Program Awaits You.

I put together an 8-week program that you can use to build your Blob Lifting Strength.

This is a 2-Days-per-Week Program where you will focus your pinch grip training on either lifting the Blob or your Goal Block Weight.

With it only being 2 days per week, you can still train on other grip goals such as Grippers or Sledge Hammer Levering, but your thumb work will be directed toward Blob and Block Weight Work.

Don't worry. Blob training carries over very well to other forms of pinching, so you won't lose anything on your other pinching goals at all.

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That's Not All.
We're Not Done Yet.
We're Just Getting Started.
Look What Else You'll Learn When You Pick Up Lift the Blob

Hand and Blob Chalk Preparation: Another overlooked and misunderstood aspect of Blob Training, you will learn the best ways to chalk the Blob to make the surface as consistent as possible. Most people do this wrong, use too much chalk, and end up making the Blob even harder to lift.

You will also learn how to chalk your hands. When you get this tidbit right, you will maximize your friction. Do it wrong, and you lose traction on the Blob's slick surface.

The Value of Isometric Training. This is something you rarely hear about, but is of the utmost importance when working with Blobs and for developing the right type of thumb strength to lift them.

Know the Signs of Progress - Many people get frustrated when they are unable to lift the Blob fully. They have no idea what to look for as signs of progress in Blob and Block Weight Training. But you will know what they are, and when you see them, you will know that you are getting closer to accomplishing your goal.

Blob Anatomy Together, we will take a close-up look at the Blob and the features that each one has. Some of these features allow you to get a better grip on the Blob and can be used as training progression methods to make you a Blob Lifter in record time. You can't afford NOT to know these locations.

Are You Clapping Your Hands to Get a Better Grip If not, then you're losing strength. Before every big Blob Lift, I clap my hands together. When you read page 37, you'll find out exactly why I do this and why you should too.

The Mental Side of Training: The mind is what makes your body do what it does. If you don't have the right mental approach, then you are holding back your gains. In this section, on page 50, we'll go into detail on this.

Have You Had Any of These Problems
in Your Training?

Weak Hands and a Poor Grip commonly lead
to the following issues in the weight room
Have you had any of these?
  • Your back and legs are strong enough for the Deadlift, but your hands peel open, the weight crashes to the floor, and you are left annoyed and frustrated with your Deadlift woes...

  • Your hands wear out when performing Pull-ups, Chin-ups, and Rows, meaning you have to take breaks mid-set to let your hands rest or cut your sets short altogether. Both of these problems limit your muscle and strength building gains.

  • Your wrists buckle when you are under big weight on the Bench Press. This makes you worry that the bar might drop out of your grip altogether. Is that really any way to lift?

  • Just as you're about to start a lift, that little seed of doubt about your grip strength creeps into your mind, and deep down, you know it is affecting your confidence, your intensity, AND YOUR RESULTS...

If you answered YES to any of the above scenarios, then Block Weight Training is something you NEED to add in your training in order to bring up your hand strength and make your wrist more solid so you can depend up on them in your training.

When your grip is stronger, you don't have to worry about how many reps you are going to get for your pulling exercises. Your hands will hold up until the set is done and you have hit your goal number.

When your grip is stronger, there's no need for concern that you will get off track with the Bench Press or lose control of the bar in the Squat.

And when your grip is stronger, you are able to lift more weight, perform more reps in each set, and that means you'll see better muscle and strength gains in your workouts.

Imagine how good it is going to feel when FINALLY your hands are no longer a liability in your training, but an ASSET, which continually helps you succeed on big lifts and set more PR's.

Even if you are not currently working toward lifting the Blob, this ebook will help you take your hand strength to the next level...

...which means all the rest of your lifting will go to the next level too.

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Bonus #1: Where to Find Blobs: The Top 8 Blob Hot Spots - $19 Value

It's hard to find Blobs. York no longer manufactures the dumbbells that produce legitimate Blobs, and they are not sold in stores either.

So how are you going to get one?

In this section, you will learn the 8 HOT SPOTS where you can actually find Blobs to add to your collection.

Some of these places are on-line, and others may be right around the corner - you just haven't looked there yet.

But, they are out there, you just have to know where to look.

And in this section you will learn just that.

Bonus #2: Essential Post-Workout Stretches - $29 Value

The hands and forearms contain very small muscles and intense grip training puts a lot of pressure on them.

You've got to know how to take care of your hands and lower arms to stay healthy and strong, otherwise you'll miss workouts due to pain and your progress grinds to a halt.

Missing and skipping workouts because you are still sore from the last time you trained hurts your progress, messes up your head, and makes you second-guess your training.

In this Bonus PDF, you'll learn these quick 5-Minute Stretches so you can recover quicker, be stronger for each workout, and never get frustrated from missing a workout due to soreness.

Bonus #3: Extra Plateau Destroyer Workouts - $49 Value

Over the years I have put together specialty workouts through my site that have helped my members increase their Blob and Block Weight Strength.

I have assembled those for you here, too.

So you will NEVER have to worry about Plateauing or Seeing Stagnant Gains because you will ALWAYS have something new to plug into your training to shock your hands and jump-start your progress.

Bonus #4: Top 50 Blob Videos - $19 Value

Over the years, I have put up over 700 videos on YouTube, and 50 of these are related to the Blob, Blob Training, and Blob Feats.

I went through and assembled all of these Blob videos into one document, for easy viewing. Now, with a couple clicks, you can find any Blob topic you want, click a link, and be taken right to the video.

Sometimes, it's a heck of a lot more exciting to view a video than read a page about your topic. Now, you have instant access to ALL my Blob Videos on training, technique, the different types of Blobs, and very cool feats that one day YOU will be training for too.

And Coolest of All...
Foreword by Richard Sorin, Originator of the Blob - PRICELESS

How often do you ever get to hear from the guy that INVENTS something or is the VERY FIRST to do it?

Seldom if ever.

The thing that I am most excited about with "Lift the Blob" is that I got the MAN involved in this project - Richard Sorin, himself.

The first ever certified Captain of Crush, the man who coined the term, "The Blob," and the first man ever to Lift the Blob, Richard Sorin wrote the Foreword to this book.

You see, over 20 years ago, Richard tried lifting this half 100-lb dumbbell and could not do it the first time he tried.

But, instead of just giving up, Richard went to work at developing the strength to lift it.

He could have just said, "Oh that's impossible. I'll just forget about it."

But he didn't.

Instead, he stood firm and engaged in battles with the Blob time after time until finally he stood victorious with the Blob in the air.

Think about how how amazing it is going to feel when you Lift the Blob for the first time. Once you pick up this ebook, it's only a matter of time until you do just that!

You will read exactly how all of this took place, why Richard challenged himself in this way and the exact story of how he would not quit until he was successful.

Very inspiring, indeed.

I am truly excited to have Richard involved in this ebook.

It makes this ebook even more special.

And you can get it today when you hit the button below.

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As Always, You Get Lifetime Support
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Once you pick up "Lift the Blob," you are in my Blob Posse.

What is the Blob Posse?

EVERYONE that picks up Lift the Blob will get access to my closed Facebook Group, the Blob Posse.

Got questions? Misplaced your downloads? Thoughts on implementation?

No problem, just hit me up, and I will be there to help you.

Plus, you will be able to interact with all the other Blob Lifting Aficianados who have invested in this program, to bounce ideas off them, and to feed off their excitement any time they set a new PR and when they lift the Blob for the first time!

I am even contemplating designing a new shirt that ONLY those who pick up Lift the Blob will be able to order.

Lifetime Guarantee

Naturally, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with what I have put together for you, just let me know and I will send your money back, no questions asked.

Let's Do This!

Right now, the only thing standing between you and Lifting the Blob is knowledge.

I know you are sick of failing, and I am going to take care of all of that for you.

"Lift the Blob" has everything you need to know in order to become a Blob Lifter.

I have taken nearly 10 years of training on Blobs and Huge Block Weights and I have put it all together for you.

There's no need to look anywhere else. Everything you need is right here.

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I know in my heart, it is just a matter of time until you become a Blob Lifter yourself.

I can't wait to hear about it when you lift it.

All the best in your training,

Jedd Johnson

P.S. Remember that Block Weight Training is one of the best types of Grip Training for developing all around hand strength. Even if your goals do not include lifting the Blob, you can use the training methods I show you to increase your hand strength for sports, lifting, combat, or for your job. John Brookfield said, "Block Weight Equal Hand Strength," and he was right!

P.P.S. Block Weight Training has been a staple training method for many whose main goal has actually been Gripper Training. Because the wide position strengthens the thumb, you get a better foundation for the gripper and your technique improves.

P.P.P.S. Keep in mind that you don't have to buy this ebook. I am sure you can stumble through your training over the course of the next few months or years and eventually lift the Blob. But it makes more sense to take the guidance from someone who has Lifted the Blob himself, and who has helped many others Lift the Blob, too, doesn't it? Click the button below.

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