Attention: Underground Strength Seekers...

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Dear Fellow Strength-Junkie,

Have you ever shaken someone's hand and been scared - really scared - that your hand was about to be crushed and permanently disfigured forever?

And deep inside, didn't you secretly wish you had that kind of bone-crushing hand power?

Well now you can.

I'm going to show you how you can develop hands so powerful that you'll feel like the creator and destroyer of worlds.

How can I make such a bold claim?

Because I'm Jedd Johnson, Grip Athlete, previous World Record Holder in the Two Hand Pinch Lift, and an IronMind Certified Red Nail Bender and I am personally going to show you how to bend a Grade 5 bolt in 30 days or less.

And here's how - it's easy once I show you my super-secret shortcuts.

And why would I share this valuable information - this goldmine that I've accumulated over the last 10 years?

Because I'm sick and freakin' tired of all the crap out there that "so-called experts" are passing off as "grip-strength" material. Hell, I've seen better material in toy stores shopping for my kids!

I went out into my garage "where the magic happens" and pulled out all the stops and shot over 4 hours of bending madness and cut it down to only the most important, most relevant, most cutting-edge information and wrapped it up into 90 minutes of pure content.

Here's exactly what I covered for you -

The Technical Stuff -

Component #1 - Wrapping Techniques

  • How to wrap properly to avoid cutting and ripping open your hands.

  • The three worst materials for wrapping (most newbies mistakenly use these only to end up frustrated and discouraged at their shredded hands).

  • Why a "tight wrap" is critical for driving as much force as possible into the nail

  • The absolute "hands-down" best material ever for wrapping your nail (Key point - also prevents hand punctures!)

  • Which material you must get used to using if you want to be the "Real Deal" and certify with IronMind - one of the World's Most Respected Grip Authorities.

Component #2 - Bending Techniques
  • Learn the top 3 Insider bending techniques for maximum force production and the quickest route to bending prowess (I say "insider" because many people are familiar with them - few have mastered them...)

  • How to produce the right amount of tension and more importantly - where to produce it to not only bend successfully but to prevent injuries

  • Newbie Bending Mistake #1 - PULLING THE ELBOWS DOWN DURING THE BEND. Instead, I will show you the correct arm angle for producing the most power.

  • Newbie Bending Mistake #2 - TRYING TO BEND THE NAIL WITH JUST HAND AND WRIST STRENGTH. I will show you how power is generated in the core and upper body and how you can translate that power down through your arms and into the nail

  • Newbie Bending Mistake #3 - WRONG UPRIGHT POSTURE WHEN STARTING THE BEND. Yes, even the way you stand and move during the bend can mean the difference between a successful attempt or a complete failure.

Component # 3 - Strength Training

While the absolute best way to get good at bending is by BENDING, I'm going to show you my three Top Secret Methods to skyrocket your bar bending brawn. Here's the Preview -

* Sledge Hammer Show Reel - For years burly benders have used Sledge Hammers to build wrist and forearm strength with levering movements - here's what I'll show you that works and works fast -

  • Revealed - the 2 most important ways to train with sledge hammers for rapid wrist strength

  • The most "evil" trick for faster gains in forearm strength AND endurance (absolutely necessary for getting the volume necessary to progress to heavy grade steel)

  • My #1 GO-TO movement that I do on a weekly basis to keep my forearms resilient against side-lining injuries.

* Finger Force Fables - Or why Gripper Training doesn't do "SH- -" for your Bending. Here's the unvarnished TRUTH -

  • Upgrade your grip on the nail AND the amount of control you can maintain on the bend with my SECRET BAND TRAINING MOVEMENT.

  • Learn why you've struggled to even get the bend started - *HINT* - your fingers aren't tough enough and here's how to toughen them up...

  • Use this curling exercise to develop "finger fortitude"

  • Discover three variations of THIS exercise to give you fingers so tough, you'll feel like you could poke them through that jerk's chest (you know the one I'm talking about...)

* Shoulder Saver Series - Functional Flexibility for developing Deltoids of Destruction

  • See why the first thing I ALWAYS look at with the guys I work with is their Shoulders.

  • Learn this 1 Easy Exercise that I used to go from struggling with getting big bends started to polishing them off with ease.

  • Discover why your shoulders could be your limiting factor in bending progress.

* Killer Crush Down Concentrations - Let me ask you something - What good is it to only partially bend your bar or nail?

IT'S NOT!!! In order to finish off big bends, you've gotta have a strong crush down!

  • See the EXACT REASON WHY 90% of new benders fail to finish their bends.

  • Discover how to move from the kink through the sweep IN ONE MOTION by using the SECRET CIRCLE.

  • You will be amazed at how you can use Kettlebells and Grippers to train your crush down

  • Implement this ONE DRILL and you'll squeeze even the most stubborn of tempered steel pieces down within your mighty grasp!

Component #4 - Injury Prevention

Although bending is extremely fun and rewarding, it does entail some risk. Rips, tears, and punctures are no fun at all. And trust me, my friend, they will happen to you without the proper prevention program in place.

Here's mine...

* Warm Up Smackdown - You wanna bend BIG Steel? Well you gotta keep your hands healthy!

  • Learn the key exercises I personally use to keep my hands healthy so I can perform at a championship level each day

  • How I use BIG MOVEMENTS - what they are EXACTLY and where EXACTLY I place them in my training sessions to prime me for peak Bending and Grip training.

  • How I use THICK ROPE to promote blood flow into my hands, wrists, forearms, and thumbs so that no part of the lower arm holds me back in my bending session

* Antagonistic Balance - Balance Within the Body - NEWSFLASH: The Body Wants to Be Balanced!!! That means you have to work the extensor muscle of the hand in balance with the flexors...

This is ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTORS for keeping the hands and lower arms healthy and strong for years - an absolute must for consistent progress in bending tougher and tougher nails.

Here's what I'll show you -

TOP 3 PRIORITY MOVEMENTS I do every grip and bending session. (These BIG 3 HEAVY HITTERS have helped fix forearm pain for the writer of one of the most famous bench press programs - Mike Westerdal at Critical Bench.)

  • In addition to that I will show you my WEEKLY WONDER FOR WARDING OFF WOUNDS, that I do with the EZ CURL BAR. It's not rocket science, but almost nobody does this...

  • * Recovery Wrap-Up - If you had a Lamborghini, would you drive it hard all weekend and then just park on the curb?

    Hell NO! You'd probably treat that thing better than your girlfriend - lovingly keeping the oil changed, the paint fresh and clean, and the tires well-balanced and properly inflated for maximum performance and keep it parked in your garage, right?

    That same investment has to be made with your hands and forearms as well!

    You'll learn -

    • My TWO MOST IMPORTANT TACTICS for proper wrist health and lower arm circulation. (Circulation is key for removing the waste products that build up in your muscles after heavy bending - no circulation - bye-bye heavy bending...)

    • This Secret Tactic the hardest laborers in the world - Meat Packing Workers, use to keep their hands and forearms healthier than most weightlifters. (The best part is that it will only cost you pennies and a couple of minutes of your time...)

    • Proper wrist bone alignment - and how to keep them that way - in only 2 minutes. (This is KEY to keep your strength gains constantly increasing...)

    * Sniper Stretches - There are literally hundreds of stretches you can do for your lower arms, but why use a machine gun to shoot an apple?

    I will show you -

    • The 5 ESSENTIAL LOWER ARM STRETCHES you can start doing today to maintain and even increase range of motion that you can use optimize leverage that you use to put a hurting on some of the biggest nails and challenge bars you will ever encounter and bend them into a U-shape with indescribable power.

    • These EASY MOVEMENTS can be inserted between your bends and at the end of your workout so that you recover quicker and feel better in between sessions.

    • Don't think of stretching as time lost. Think of it as time INVESTED for your future Big Bends...

    But don't take my word for it. Check out what other Serious Benders have said about my previous Bending work...


      I got the DVD yesterday and watched the first half of it today. LOVE the 2004 Red Nail intro loop! I know a lot of guys that would literally consider the price of the DVD worth a few views of that video alone for motivational purposes. Have really been impressed with the amount of time and effort/knowledge that went into making that Bending DVD. Even guys like me with a very solid bending base will no doubt find something that will help them along their path to increased bending strength. I've taken notes on a few sections of the DVD and wanted to wait until my muscle relaxers wear off (I hurt myself on Monday - bulging disc!) before I watch that part a few times through and then take notes on that as well.

      Ben Edwards


      "Hi Jedd,

      Thought I'd let you know the DVD arrived yesterday morning, I watched half yesterday and the other half this morning - absolutely awesome the whole way through! Just like your other products the video and sound quality are second only to the amazing content. I was blown away by the detail you went into just on wrapping, I'd never imagined there was so much to take into consideration and that was just the first 20 minutes or so. To be honest I could mention every section and say how good each was - but I'm not sure how many variations on the work 'excellent' I could come up with before it got repetitive...

      I've already tried out the band exercise for developing the flexibility to get into the proper DO-bending position - first couple of reps barely came within 6 inches of my neck but I was able to get closer each time - I can definitely see how it will help. The thumb stretch felt great too - mine sometimes get tight from working on the computer and drawing but I could feel the stretch really well.

      Love the DVD man, it's got me completely fired up to melt some steel but I'm gonna take your advice and work back into it slowly. I've got a load of things to work on to get to the point where I'll be bending anything impressive but with this I now actually know what I need to work on. Thanks for creating such an incredible product, it's awesome that someone who's at the competitive level you're at is so willing to share so much of your training knowledge.

      Thanks again.

      Rory Hickman


      "I could go on and on about Jedd, his expertise in grip strength etc., but I'll keep it simple. In late September 2010 I struggled to bend my first grade 8 bolt for about 7 minutes. On December 20th 2010 I bent FOUR Iron Mind Red Nails in less than an hour thanks to tips and advice Jedd gave me. A week later I was crushing them down in less than a minute.

      "That's great" you may be thinking "but how's it supposed to help me?"

      Jedd has put all the best information from his bending ebook and the stuff he has learned and developed since he wrote that book onto the Bending DVD. If you want to learn the modern bending trechniques, he is the guy who not only wrote the book, but also filmed the DVD on how to do it. Buy this DVD, put it into practice and crush steel.

      Iron Tamer Dave Whitley
      Master RKC instructor


      "My name is Tim Bailey. I'm a 36 yr old police officer in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I became interested in developing grip strength to make handcuffing criminals easier. I learned a good bit from the internet. I started with the Captains of Crush grippers and Brookfield books (must have foundations) where I first read of steel bending.

      Bending steel with your hands sounded like an impossible feat. However, I started slow and over a year and a half I managed to bend beyond a blue nail. However my progress started to stall due to poor technique.

      I had watched videos of Jedd before and I could tell he knew his stuff. I never really understood the reverse or terminator bending style. However, after watching Jedd's DVD I "got it" in less than five minutes--the light came on.

      Along with the great instruction on all styles of bending this disc shines in injury prevention and recovery. If you don't take the proper precautions steel can bite you very easily and put you on the shelf for quite a while. Jedd shows the proper warm ups, stretches, and recovery skills (proper execution of contrast baths) that should be in every serious bender's toolbox. Jedd is a very inventive person and it shows in his exercises and training tips (jump bands, hammer rotations, holds, etc).

      In short, this DVD will answer any and all questions you have on bending. Come join us and learn to truly melt steel with your hands-the proper way!!"

      Officer Tim D. Bailey


      "Jedd, I finished watching your DVD yesterday. Beforehand I could kink a nail with Doubleoverhand. I took out those 60d nails with surprisingly little effort. It feels good."

      Kevin Greto


      "I'm a happy guy Jedd. At 2 different times today I was able to crush the yellow nail. Once at home and then Down at the gym after all the guys yanked on it, and could'nt move it. So thats 2 today full crush. Your DVD has helped me tons and I get new stuff from it every time I look at it. What a treasure. Thanks again for putting out a awesome product! I'm eyeballing that blue nail!"

      Tom Guthrie


      "I think where the DVD really shines is explaining the why's of doing the things we do as benders (holding your hands a certain way, chalking the wraps a certain way, etc)."

      Kevin McFadden


      "I received this awesome DVD at the at the start of the year. Only two weeks in and I already have a growing pile of destroyed nails and a grin from ear to ear. Very informative, clear explanations of techniques from beginning to end with absolutely no confusion. The section on injury prevention and rehab is worth the asking price alone. If you want to progress quickly and safely with this unique skill this is a great way to start. Thank You!!."

      Alastair Hart, Enthusiastic Newcomer from the UK


      "Until I watched your DVD, the hardest thing I could bend was a 6-in Grade 2 Bolt. Well, Last Thursday I bent 3 of the 6-in Grade 5 Bolts and tonight I bent 3 pieces of 5/16-in x 7in HRS. I went through these in about 30 sec each with 5 min rests in between. The biggest thing that helped me was going forward with my elbows and not down. Huge difference. Thanks man for some good solid instruction."

      Rick Giese, RKC


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    There's that much content in it. And there's no fluff or hype - just meat that you can easily digest to start bending today.

    But I'm not going to ask you to pay $97. Because quite frankly, although its more than worth it, I'm on a mission to make this information accessible to all those like you who want mind-blowing hand power in the fastest time possible.

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    (Don't worry - if you don't know what I mean, you soon will, my friend, you soon will...)

    I'm off to go put a hurting on some steel.

    Happy Bending!

    Jedd Johnson

    P.S. You have my "Power Promise" - watch this DVD and apply all that you learned for 90 days and if you don't bend that Grade 5 Bolt - contact me for a full and unconditional refund. But please - keep the DVD and keep practicing. It'll become my gift to you.

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