scrolling steel bars

Discover How to Turn "Unbendable" Steel into
Hard Core, Heavy Metal, Strongman Artwork
Just Like the Oldtime Strongmen Used to Do It.

You too can bend and twist steel bars into amazing pieces of art, once you learn the Ultimate Form of Steel Bending - STEEL SCROLLING.

From the desk of Jedd Johnson:

Dear Friends in Iron,

The Mighty Atom

Since the times when the first Circus Strongmen stood on stages to wow crowds with their might, Steel Bending has been a staple feat of strength.

From bending nails and spikes into "U" shapes to twisting horseshoes into "S's," taking an object that is not meant to be bent, and bending it with sheer body and hand strength, is something truly impressive.

Men like the "The Mighty Atom" Joe Greenstein and Slim "The Hammer Man" Farman personified the Oldtime Performing Strongman, accomplishing amazing bar and spike bending feats.

The great steel benders of yesterday have left behind a legacy of strength, and given us many different types of bending to choose from.

Chuck Sipes Bending a Nail
First, there's Short Bending, like Nail and Spike bending.

This is a strict form of bending where hand and wrist strength are key and contact with the lower part of the body is avoided.

This is often called the "gateway drug" of bending. The first type of steel bending that trainees learn and master.

It's where you get hooked on the feeling of steel giving way to your strength.

Addicted to the rush of melting steel with your hand strength, you find yourself wanting more...

The next step is Braced Bending.

Marx Bending a Horseshoe

With Braced Bending, you use your hands like wrenches and hammers to mold the steel...

Now, you destroy steel bars, and odd objects by actually forcing them against your body.

Whether it's driving a giant spike against your thigh with all your might to bend it into a U-shape...

...or if you hook a horseshoe around your side to pry it apart until it looks like an "S"...

...the objective is always the same - Conquering the Steel.

And like any other addiction, you can't just stop there.


You need to ramp things up.

Slim The Hammer Man
You need to take it to the next level.

Just like the karate student, who works and trains to graduate to the next belt up... a football player strives to go from the JV team, up to Varsity...

...and the Minor League Baseball player who longs for the chance to play in the Majors...

...with Steel Bending, the Big Leagues is Scrolling.

To truly join the ranks of the Mighty Atom, Slim the Hammer Man, John Grunn Marx, and the other legends of the past...

You must learn the Ultimate Form of Steel Bending - Steel Scrolling.

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The legendary steel benders of yesterday were never able to produce the How-To Manuals and Videos that could have helped this art stay alive.

And because of that, Steel Bending and Scrolling is slowly dying out.

This is where Bud Jeffries and I come in.

Bud and I have been bending steel of all sorts since the early 2000's, and we love spreading the passion of steel bending.

Now, we have put together the video that explains Steel Scrolling and how you can practice this art form exactly the way the pioneers of scrolling did it way back when.

There's just something awesome about the feeling of twisting a steel bar into an artistic shape, and being able to place it on your mantle or entertainment center, and remember the battle you had with it.

The sweat that drips from your brow to the floor.

The struggle with the bar as you press on the steel, and it pushes back at you, like a fight to the death...

The glory you feel once you've defeated the steel.

And the bond you now possess with the great Oldtime Strongmen of the past.

That is what Steel Scrolling is all about.

And that is how we want you to feel.

We want Steel Bending and Scrolling to enjoy a rebirth, and it starts with you.

With steel bending, you can challenge yourself further than with conventional strength training.

You can finish off each training session with an exclamation point, and a trophy for your work.

And whether you are left with a pile of bent nails, or a stack of twisted horseshoes, you know you are following a rite of passage that connects you to the great strongmen of the past.

And now it's time for you to go one step further...Scrolling Steel.

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What is Steel Scrolling?

Steel Scrolling is the art, science and physical performance of bending steel into purposefully made, artistic shapes, usually with a crowd watching in amazement.

Alexander Zass
Steel Scrolling is what they did in the times of the oldtime strongmen, back before everything got all watered down and packaged into a 7-minute abs commercial.

Back then, Scrolling showed you were the real deal and made you immortal if you mastered it.

It's the perfect blend of heavy metal ferocity and graceful ballet artistry.

It combines the strength of a weight lifter with the endurance of a distance runner and the cunning of an engineer.

An outlaw variety of strength that stands alone as the king of steel bending.

And you can learn this lost art of the oldtime strongmen with our video, "The Art of Scrolling Steel."

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Digital Download: $39
Hard Copy Version

Hard Copy DVD: $49 + S&H






Here's Exactly What You Will Learn in the Art of Steel Scrolling:

  • The Types of Scrolling: Scrolling is broken up into several styles. You'll learn each one and when to use them for best results.

  • Shortening the Learning Curve: Bud and I share with you our key tips that'll save you hours of searching if not years of wasted training.

  • Purposeful Shapes or Abstract Steel Sculptures?: There are differences, and you will learn them right from the beginning of the video.

  • How Scrolling Incorporates Other Forms of Bending: Scrolling involves techniques found in other types of steel bending, and soon you'll be able to pick them out easily and make mastering scrolling even easier for yourself.

  • The Most Common Steel Bars for Scrolling: You'll know what type, length and size of steel to use and why each one works best for each type of scroll.

  • Protective Materials for Serious Scrolling: You'll learn what types of gloves and pads to use, when to use them or not, and the reasons why.

  • Maximize Your Leverage: You'll learn how to optimize your body angles and positioning to make even the hardest steel bars do what you want them to do.

  • How to Save Money When Buying Steel: In this section, you'll learn where to go to get your steel bars, so you can buy more bars for your hard earned cash.

  • Special Safety Considerations: Injuries are rare, especially when you know what to do and what not to do, but you'll learn the insider tips relating to footwear, surface you stand on, avoiding moisture and more.

  • Workouts Like You've NEVER Had Before: You'll learn how creating a twisted look to the steel will give you better core workout than anything you've ever done before.

  • Next Level Scrolling: We give you all our secrets and show you how to make unique steel scrolls you can sell and make money.

  • Don't FIGHT the Steel - Work With It: You'll learn what to look for so you can see EXACTLY what the steel bar wants to do, making the Scroll EASIER.

  • Cross-Training for the Grapplers Out There: Why this is the perfect training for grapplers and martial artists and why it develops strength to tear a body limb from limb.

Must-Know Info for Strongman Performers

For those of you looking to Scroll Steel on stage before a crowd, we made sure to include this special section for the future Strongman Performers:
  • How to Make a Piece Worthy of a Stage Show: We show you the secrets that will make you look like a seasoned pro on the stage.

  • How to Finish Your Scroll The RIGHT Way: You always want to finish your scroll THIS WAY so the crowd knows you are a legit performer and NOT just a pretender.

  • The Bending Style to Avoid at All Costs: The dangerous style of bending that injured a legendary strongman, and why you should never try it...EVER!

  • Secrets From the Vault: A special style of Scrolling from one of the true legends of the strongman game
Whether you do shows in front of 12 people or 1200, you need to know the information in the above section beforehand.

Ever Wonder How a Performing Strongman Trains?

Well, you're gonna find out in the next section.

You see, Bud Jeffries is the last of a dying breed.

Bud makes his living as a Strongman Performer, and he knows how to stay in top condition all year long.

Unfortunately, there's only so much steel he can take with him on his travels around the country.

So he has developed some amazing strength training methods using regular gym equipment, that help him develop top-level bending strength all year long.

And in the last section of this DVD, he shares them with YOU.

Here's what you are going to learn from the last of the Full-Time Performing Strongmen:
  • Bud's Functional Pushing Isometric: This will make your shoulders and entire upper body stronger than it ever has before.

  • Bud's Functional Pulling Isometric: This is a huge back and lat builder, and I couldn't believe how CRAZY it felt when Bud showed it to me.

  • Noah's Functional Core Isometric: Bud's son, Noah, is an innovator, too, and this series of lifts will target your core better than ANY other abdominal exercise you know and skyrocket your braced bending strength off the charts.

  • The 3-Dimensional Dynamic/Isometric Combination: You'll be ready for ANYTHING when you see the CRAZY ways Bud combines the Row and the Press - for the SICKEST Hybrid Exercises.

  • Dennis Rogers Gripper Band Pulls: LEGIT Gripper Training for every steel bending strongman - these will turn your fingers into vises and make your wrists as strong as steel cables

It's Time to Become a "Complete" Strongman

You may already be bending steel, but if you haven't mastered Scrolling, you're missing the final chapter that will complete your legacy.

It's time to go to the next level.

It's time to create the next modern art, and steel bars are the medium.

It's time to become the next Michelangelo, with the strength and power of the X-men.

Scrolling Steel is about imposing your raw will on what many see as unbendable steel.

It's hand-bent, no heat, no tools, steel sculpture.

And now, the "How-to" is no longer bottled up by a small group of modern strongmen.

Today, you can learn how to turn steel into your own signature artwork with your own brute force and bare hands.

Streaming On-line Version

Digital Download: $39
Hard Copy Version

Hard Copy DVD: $49 + S&H






You will love this living performance art, done with purposeful thought, and precision force, to make a specific shape out of "unbendable steel."

Along the way, Scrolling will strengthen every tendon, ligament, and muscle in your body.

Such is the power of this lost art.

Make no mistake about it, the men who did this, were the strongest lions to walk this planet.

You can be just like them.

And we will show you how.

All the best with your scrolling,


Jedd & Bud

Common Questions

Who Are Jedd and Bud and Why Should I Listen to Them About Steel Scrolling?

    Bud and I have a combined 20+ years of steel bending between them. Along the way, we've mastered the art of breaking down complex movements like steel bending and scrolling, so that we can teach them in a way anyone can understand how to do them. The Art of Scrolling Steel is no different, and we will walk you through many different Steel Scrolls so you too can forge these pieces of steel art yourself.

Will This Information Be Too Advanced for Me?
    Bud and I took our time and got actual scrolls on film for you to watch. These are not gimme scrolls or warm-up bends. We did the actual scrolls we would do on stage before a crowd, or in our gyms to produce top-notch steel scroll artwork. All the time, we are pausing so you catch everything you need to and miss nothing. In some cases, while one of us is bending, the other is giving coaching cues and commentary, to help you understand exactly what is going on.

How Did You Pack All of This Valuable Information into One Product?
    We kept editing to a minimum to make sure NOTHING is left out. You will get everything you need to learn scrolling the right way. Because of the amount of information we are providing, The Art of Steel Scrolling is a Double-DVD. That's right - you are receiving 2 DVD's.

How Are the DVD's Delivered?
    Right now, we have a small inventory of 50 copies of this double-DVD in stock. We will personally mail each copy of the DVD set to you. Once the inventory is wiped out (and with the size the waiting list has grown to, that won't be too long), we will use our time-tested and reliable publishing and shipping company to print and mail the DVD's out you.

What If I Need to Return a DVD?
    Easy. Just ship it back to me at the following address. Please include a note explaining what is wrong with the DVD or email me at jedd dot diesel at gmail dot com.
      Jedd Johnson
      PO Box 806
      Wyalusing PA 18853
What if I Live Overseas and Don't Want to Pay for Shipping?
    Bud and I realize that shipping and customs charges can be pretty annoying for our customers overseas, so we decided to make the video available in a digital download version as well. All you have to do is choose the digital version when you click the Add-to-Cart button.

What Kinds of Scrolling Feats are Covered in the Video?
    You'll see a complete small bar, hand-centered bend done in unbraced/minimal bracing fashion, a complete long bar bend scrolled into a double loop fish, a complete large flat bar made into a clover leaf, a complete 8-foot bar molded into an Steel House Plant, and a combination piece developed by Bud's son, Noah, called a Crom's Koi.

    The footage was produced with minimal cutting and editing so that you can see exactly what it takes to produce each piece. After making them, Bud and I donated these sculptures to a benefit for a young cancer patient in my area. Check them out below:

    steel-house-plant pretzel-clover-leaf double-loop-fish croms-koi unbraced-abstract
    Steel House Plant   Pretzel / Clover    Double Loop Fish      Crom's Koi       Un-Tumble Weed

What If I Need to Bring Up My Strength in Order to Scroll Steel?
    We've got you taken care of - we covered Special Strength Training for Steel Scrolling in this DVD set, too! This part of the DVD could literally stand alone and we should probably sell it separately. This section has some of the most unique and specific exercises for steel bending and scrolling, but more than that, literally the toughest core exercises you've ever seen. These drills are simple to set up and will make you BRUTALLY STRONG. There's more than a dozen variations of these five special exercises.

    We will get you started the right way. We've got you covered.

    Now, the rest is up to you. Click the Add to Card Button below:

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