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This is the most complete instructional reference for bending available
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Hello. My name is Jedd Johnson.

I have been bending nails, bolts, and other pieces of steel for years, and I want to help you learn how to as well.

In 2006, I decided to take my love of feats of strength one step further and produced the Diesel Nail Bending eBook.

This manual is 188 pages of instruction on turning your hands into a pair of nail bending machines.

I have included what are in my opinion the very best exercises to use to get you ready to start bending nails and bolts today.

Why Should You Listen to Me about Nail Bending?

As an athlete, I have been training seriously for strength and fitness since 1999.

Since 2003, I have competed in nearly a dozen Strongman competitions and more Grip Strength contests than anyone else in the United States.

I have been bending nails for over 6 years. I have been fortunate enough to have competed with and learned from some of the men with the strongest hands on the planet.

As a strength coach, I have lectured at many strength and conditioning clinics and conferences and have written dozens of Grip Strength articles on DieselCrew.com, GrapplersGym.com, and StraightToTheBar.com.

I have taught athletes, fellow strength coaches, and grip strength competitors about nail bending.

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, (CSCS)

I am certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist or CSCS. I have been an active member since 2001 and have spoken at many NSCA state clinics on athletic strength development.

Why am I telling you this? Because I have been through the trenches as both a strength enthusiast who has spracticed these feats of strength, and I have years of experience in the field, studying the best ways to build strength and stay healthy, and I understand how to instruct others.

Let me tell you a story about how I got into bending nails, bolts, and other stuff.

As I graduated from college and my baseball career was over I was looking for a new challenge. It wasn't until 2003, a full two years after I had graduated, that I found something to satiate my competitive hunger - the sport of strongman.

In any form of athletics, you must work to strengthen every link in your metaphorical chain. You must be willing to elevate your training to a level higher than that which your opponents are willing to take it. I knew in my years of baseball that I would have to take more swings, throw more pitches, warm-up more effectively, run more laps and sprint more 60's than all the other players if I was going to have any success.

Strongman was no different - I knew I had to incorporate in my training methods that would separate me from the rest of the crowd if I ever wanted to win a title in a strongman competition. I needed do things in my training that would set me apart from all the others I would be facing.

I came to the conclusion that I had to become more mentally tough. This is just as important, if not more so, than being physically prepared for a sporting endeavor. If you don't have your victory mapped out in your head before the whistle blows, then you might as well not even show up. When I stumbled upon nail bending I knew that I had found a way to make my mind tough, my body more proficient at generating force, and to reinforce my ability to prevent injury. Nail Bending accomplishes all of these goals.

When you bend steel, you miss-shape and contort it so that it becomes completely useless. But the mental sharpness, the tolerance to pain, the will to carry on, and the strength to explode through the challenges that await you on the field of competition - those are tools all athletes can use.

Has bending changed my life as an athlete? You bet it has. In fact, I wish I knew about the techniques of the sport of strongman and the feat of nail bending years ago when I was at my prime. I'll always regret not finding out about Grip Strength and Nail Bending earlier on when I could have used it to my advantage, but I refuse to let the rest of the athletes with the potential to do great things go on without knowing about it. It is for the athletes determined to take that extra sacrificial step toward the fleeting cast of greatness, and the strength coaches that guide them, that I have written this book. Plus, every time you bend, you end up with a trophy. Put your bend steel on the mantle to remember the rest of your life...

Bending Nails will test your mental toughness!

Take a look at what you'll find inside this huge BENDING Manual:

    - Learn the secret to intra-abdominal pressure and stabilization which will turn your core into granite. Apply this technique to presses, squats, deadlifts, bench press and any other lifts that require extreme power and explosiveness on page 61.

    - Learn innovative ways to express the strength of your upper back, chest, shoulder and hands simultaneously and explosively on page 167.

    - The nearly 60 page Exercise Index includes exercises for wrist flexion, wrist extension, ulnar and radial deviation, and rotation as well as many innovative hybrid exercises, most of which have never been seen before.

    - This is your complete and comprehensive reference for all things bending. Learn why many coaches today have realized the importance of wrist health and strength for their athletes.

    - Step by step bending progression for any bender. Wrapping techniques, every bending technique, nail strength charts, nail purchasing resources and suppliers and some of the most ground-breaking exercise index ever laid out on paper.

    - In the Nail Bending eBook, I cover all of the major bending techniques: Double Overhand (DO), Double Underhand (DU), and Reverse (R) styles.

    - The Bending eBook includes a complete ramp-up schedule for beginner benders. Most athletes who buy the eBook train in other aspects of strength and can not afford to miss their other workouts due to inflammation and pain.

    - Do you give a hand shake like a dead fish? If you want to build a set of truly tough hands but don't have a manual labor job to do it, then try nail bending! If nail bending isn't for you, the exercises I show you will give you a hand shake like a real man!!

    - A complete Nail Progression Directory from the easiest nails to the toughest!

    - Dozens of on-line resources that you can use to your advantage to improve all in one place! You'll NEVER have to scour the 'net for Bending information again.

What will stronger hands get you?

    - Hit more homeruns
    - Add yards to your drive in golf
    - Complete more reps in the gym
    - Do more work in the back yard
    - Pull heavier weight in the deadlift
    - More stick speed in hockey
    - More phone numbers from the ladies!
    - Free drinks at the bar
    - Make more tackles
    - Get more take downs
    - Make more shots on the court
    - Be more steady when shooting your firearm

Can you believe nearly 33% of this ebook is exercise index?

These exercises will turn your hands into weaponry, ready to mangle any steel that crosses your path.

Build Unreal Wrist Strength with Nail Bending

Do you have the wrist strength of a 60-year old lady? This ebook will take your wrist strength to levels impossible to attain with a conventional strength routine.

Get firmer, get stronger, and best of all, look younger and better!

What Benefits Are You Going to Get out of Nail Bending

There are many benefits you will get from Nail Bending:
    - Stronger Hands
    - Stronger Wrists
    - Stronger Fingers and Thumbs
    - Mental Toughness
    - Winning Attitude
    - Lots of Fun!

Nail Bending Isn't a Workout, you Say?

I beg to differ. Bending steel is a great way to get a workout. Bending burns calories and gets you breathing like trying to press a big kettlebell or pulling a truck. Bending nails and bolts also creates tension in the arms, torso, core and legs, meaning you are developing strength generation in a coordinated manner throughout your entire body.

If you bend nails for no other reason, do it because it's fun!


Not only will you get the most complete reference on Nail Bending available in the world, but you will also get the following:

    30 Days of Email support. Write me any question about anything you'd like to find out more about and I will get back with you!

    Savage Grip - 100 pages of instruction on why you should start training your grip today and the most important movements you can do to start building incredible grip strength today. - $39.97 VALUE

    Grip Considerations for the Bench Press - Everyone wants a bigger bench press. Your hands and wrists are the end point of the kinetic chain in the bench press. If your hands and wrists are weak, that means your bench will suffer! - $47 VALUE!

    Interview with Joe Hashey and myself on MuscleGainingExperts.com. You can learn to make your own equipment to build the strength you need to accomplish incredible feats of strength. This interview tells you how! - $37 VALUE!

    Interview with Logan Christopher, Bud Jeffries and myself on StrongerMan.com. Over an hour long, in this interview we talk about building grip for athletics, feats of strength, competitions and for all-round physical preparedness. - $37 VALUE!

The best part about this ebook is the price.

All of this is just $39.97!

For just $39.97, you learn multiple ways to ravage steel, a collection of hand strength exercises that will give you the grip of a goliath, recovery techniques, and MORE!

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I know you will love this product, but if you have any questions, feel free to email me at jedd[dot]diesel[at]gmail[dot]com.

All the best in your training,

Jedd Johnson, CSCS
The Diesel Crew

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"Jedd released his Bending eBook right when I was getting into serious grip training again, so ofcourse, I had to check it out. I don't think anyone has ever written about short steel bending in such depth. He covers not only the different styles & grips used but also different types of steel, nails, bolts, etc. He really gives you everything you need to know to get you started bending steel. Of course, Jedd is a far more accomplished grip athlete than myself. He's miles ahead of me when it comes to hand strength but what I didn't realize is how much more advanced his understanding of grip, bending in particular, is than mine. I definitely picked up some useful tips from the Diesel Bending book. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone, beginning or advanced, who has an interest in bending short steel. "
Dan Cenidoza


"I purchased Jedd Johnson's Bending E- Book thinking, What if it doesn't deliver? Boy was I wrong! Let me say right up front that the exercises alone listed and explained in the book are worth the price of the book. Period! Very detailed in explanations and diagrams. The references at the end of the book are priceless and can lead to a tremendous education in strength. After 90 days my bending went from not being able to budge a 60D spiral to demolishing Iron Mind's Yellow and Blue. I'm currently able to Double Overhand grade 5 bolts, grade 2 bolts, stainless and more. Not to mention, I can now Reverse bend a IM Yellow nail. As a former Pro Arm Westler for 15 years turned Bending Fanatic, I strongly urge anyone getting started in bending to grab a copy of Jedd's book. You will not be disappointed!.
Mighty Joe Musselwhite


Jordan Vezina, RKC - AverageToElite.com


"My name is Michael Sheehan and I am just emailing you to let you know how happy I am that I bought your Bending eBook. Diesel Crew does not mess around. You guys are the best and should be proud of the work you do. I have been studying the Bending eBook and have already taken my strength to limits I thought I would never have reached without your help. My goal is to close the IronMind Red Nail and you have given me the blueprint. Your product is top notch Jedd and thanks for all your other training info on the Diesel Crew and Straight to the Bar web sites. You've got a customer for life. Thanks again, Jedd.
Michael Sheehan


"Passion. When we do something with passion, we will undoubtedly do it well. The Bending eBook is no different. You can tell Jedd Johnson put his best effort into this manual. 188 pages of how to bend something?? You gotta be kidding me! But after you read this manual you will not only be armed with knowledge beyond your wildest expectations, but you will also have powerful tools at your disposal to take your grip strength profile to Herculean levels. Whether you are an elite powerlifter, an athlete, or just a person trying to get stronger, you will be doing yourself and your athletes a great disservice by not picking up a copy and implementing the contents of this book in to your program."

Patrick Hackley-Hough
Oakton High School Baseball Strength and Conditioning Coach


"How do you learn to bend? ... Jedd Johnson wrote an E-book on the subject which will not be topped. It was worth every penny so I recommend you start there. "

Adam Glass